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Spiritual Pharmacy Meet up 18th May 2023 @ 6.30pm

*New users/attendees to YSY will need to create a username and password to book here – and agree to studio T&C. Exploring the Spiritual Perspective

As many of you have discovered – Emma’s kundalini yoga classes offer you a profound awareness of how much more you are than a mere body. You are consciousness harnessed to flesh via breath. Join me for a studio gathering where we will be exploring the spiritual perspective of life and what it means to be human.

This will not be a yoga class. Emma will share spiritual teachings and we will have soul conversations.

Spiritual Pharmacy Meet Ups begin in our beautiful Studio Ananda where we start with a meditation/gentle Breathwork* to open the sacred space.  followed by

We then move to the dining room (or outside if the meet up is during the summer months, summer meet ups may take place entirely in the walled garden where Emma or any guest she has invited to share their work will lead and this will be followed by interactive discussion.

Emma shares insightful ancient wisdoms which may contribute to your growth and help you to live your best life.   There will be Q and A – so that together we can explore any life questions you may be wrestling with from a spiritual perspective.

We will close the session with a short soul soothing gong sound bath. We will serve yogi teas/herbal.

All welcome. You may like to bring a notebook and pen.  Please note: If you are pregnant we do not recommend joining the gong at this precious time for you, but all other aspects of the evening are suitable for all and chairs are available in the yoga studio for anyone who is not comfortable on the floor.

*no breath of fire

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