Terms and Conditions for attending YogaSpace Yorkshire at any class workshop or retreat time and date.

Terms and Conditions for attending YogaSpace Yorkshire at any class workshop or retreat time and date.
This is your legally binding agreement when booking and/or taking part in any yoga, Tai Chi Pilates, sound, or gong bath session, with Yogaspace Yorkshire and Patrick Brompton Hall Ltd. The agreement covers any attendance here including a class, course, workshop or retreat. You agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions and agree to the stated privacy policy as set out below.
The following will be in the document below.
1. Booking your place/your responsibilities (studio code of conduct), left property
2. Booking weekly timetabled classes
3. Payments for workshops
4. Full day workshops
5. Residential retreats
6. Cancellations by Yogaspace Yorkshire teachers or facilitators of lessons
7. Car parking at Yogaspace Yorkshire
8. Privacy policy

1) Booking a class place & your responsibilities
Yogaspace Yorkshire advises students not to take part in one of the classes without first seeking medical advice if they have any concerns at all over their physical condition.
Students with low or high blood pressure or cardiovascular irregularities should not attend Yogaspace Yorkshire classes without express and written permission from a medical professional.
Yogaspace Yorkshire reserves the right to refuse access to any student if Yogaspace Yorkshire teachers or staff in any way doubts the health of the student and their ability to safely take part in the classes.
Yogaspace Yorkshire students accept the risk of injury from performing exercises in the Classes. Yogaspace Yorkshire accepts no liability for injury to the Customer, except in so far as such injury is by law incapable of exclusion.
Women pregnant are welcome to join our pre-natal yoga class only. All other classes we offer must not be attended by anyone who knows they are pregnant.
CODE OF CONDUCT – Your responsibilities whilst here
Please arrive where possible, at least 5 (up to 10 if possible) minutes before the start of your class. Teachers do reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone arriving after the start of class. If you do arrive late and you see that the yoga studio door is closed, please open the door gently and come in and find your mat and join in as respectively as you can.
Please remove shoes and leave in our designated cloakroom for the studio, before entering the yoga studio.
No mobile phones or electronic devices or handbags are to be taken into the studio. Please do not leave valuables in the changing room, leave your bag and phone locked in your car. No food to be taken/consumed in the studio.
Please do not take photographs of the studio or interior of YSY without explicit permission.
Please roll up your mat and blanket neatly and put away any props after your lesson.
Always tell your teacher if you have injuries, are pregnant or have recently had an operation. You may not be asked, especially if late, it is your responsibility to ensure the teacher knows anything she or he may need to know, to ensure you experience a safe practice.
All attendees at YogaSpace Yorkshire and Patrick Brompton Hall should adhere to maintaining a safe, respectful nurturing and polite space for all participants to enjoy. We also wish you as a student, to uphold respect and privacy of any information shared here by any other student or teacher during a lesson, workshop retreat or women’s meeting. Failure to do so will result in a request for you not to attend in the future.

Left Property here
YogaSpace Yorkshire cannot take responsibility for your personal possessions. If items are left in the changing room, we can hold these for up to 14 days. Thereafter the items will be donated to a local charity shop.
Places may be booked with the teacher – if you wish ‘to know ‘you have a place on the date and time of your choice. You can chance there is a space and ‘drop-in’. We cannot guarantee a space if you have not pre-booked. All our classes are always subject to availability.
You book your yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates, sound, or gong bath class direct with the teacher. YogaSpace Yorkshire teachers have their own payment terms and cancellation terms.
These are made with each individual teacher.
General Rule
Pre-paid class lessons are non-refundable (even if you turn up too late to start a class and we count this as later than 10 minutes) as this is counted as a no-show and no refund is due. Class lessons are non-transferable to another date if you cancel within 24 hours of the start of the class time. Where you have cancelled with your teacher earlier than 24 hours, the teacher can transfer your paid place to another date. However, all payments, transfers are subject to the individual discretion of an individual teacher here.
Payment may be taken in cash, or by debit/tap card or by BACS depending on the method each teacher makes available for their students.
3) PAYMENTS for Workshops
Payment for YogaSpace Yorkshire Workshops, Sound or Gong Sessions
Payment is required in advance or at the very start of the session, whichever has been agreed, with the teacher/facilitator/leader to secure a place/attend.
Refunds & cancellations:
Where we state ‘non-refundable’ this rule applies. All tickets are non-transferable unless agreed with YogaSpace Yorkshire. All teachers offering workshops here have their own payment terms. You will be advised when you book. We may refund tickets where we can offer the ticket to a wait list.
Workshop refunds may be offered if you cancel during the T&C laid out on the web description. If none are written up, the following apply.
Short Workshops. (Up to 2 hours) Non-refundable
These are paid to the individual teacher holding the event. Teachers have their own payment terms. You can enquire with the workshop teacher before you book.
YogaSpace Yorkshire and Patrick Brompton Hall Residential retreats have their own terms and conditions that you can read before you choose to book. These are available when you enquire to book.
We reserve the right to cancel and where we cancel you as the client, due to unavoidable circumstances, we will refund you any fees paid or transfer you to another date if available.
YogaSpace Yorkshire and Patrick Brompton Hall take no responsibility for any car parked and left outside the premises or for any theft or damage to the car or the contents.
YogaSpace Yorkshire may take photographs of lessons, workshops for promotional material and you will be made aware of this and have the option to leave the photograph being taken at the time.
All photography may be used for future marketing material.
If you do not opt out when asked at the time of the photograph, you give your consent for the image to be used.
YogaSpace Yorkshire may need to collect from you, your name and contact information so that you can be identified and an emergency contact number. We may also need your age and health information. If so, we will keep this data safe.
Your information is collected for the following purposes:
Because you have purchased a residential stay on our premises. We need to know your travelling/room share companion (where applicable) and dietary preferences, room choice, and travel arrangements.
To ensure that the teacher and organiser of the service you have purchased are aware of any special requirements.
For invoicing and internal record keeping.
To periodically send you promotional emails about new products, special offers or other information that you may find interesting using the email address that you have provided.
YogaSpace Yorkshire and Patrick Brompton Hall do not share your personal information with third parties unless you have given specific permission or if required by law.
We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure.
Links: Our YogaSpace Yorkshire website may link to other websites. We cannot take responsibility for your decision to click on these links. You do so at your own risk.
YogaSpace Yorkshire reserves the right to change the Terms and therefore asks customers to check the Terms regularly, prior to booking.
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