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Gong & Sound Baths

Discover what is in your ❤️
Gong Baths and Gong/Yoga Nidra  Meditations with Emma
or Sound Baths with Mike.

Fridays – Sound Baths with Mike – 29 Sept and 27th Oct 2023 6.30-7.30pm

Fridays with Emma – Yoga Nidra and Gong – 13th Oct 2023 6.30pm (Emma plays mostly gong)

A gong is a powerful tool for relaxation and rejuvenation for the human body, indeed our Chiron Planet Gong also works on animals. The gong envelopes the body in a sound wave that enables a depth of vibrational cellular healing that bypasses the mind. We also have an Earth gong, the gong of the heart chakra. Played together, they are the perfect energetic healing vibration. Yoga gongs are different from sound bath gongs.

When we submit to the gong, we allow something higher than ourselves to stimulate our glandular system and change our brain waves, our respiratory and heart rate, and neurons in our frontal cortex. The gong is the primordial sound of creation and is thought of as GOD (generating, organizing, and delivering ‘god’).

Gong vibrations may induce deep meditative and peaceful states. We can empower our health and creativity through the gong, and use it as a tool to release ourselves from old patterns that no longer serve us. We can experience lucid dreaming. The gong works in inexplicable ways, we say ‘Let go and let Gong.’

We do not accept anyone who is pregnant for gong baths.

Class Instructor

Name: Emma

Class: Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Gong Baths, Women’s Groups, Retreats

Emma is a certified Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra teacher and Gong practitioner and is the founder and owner of YogaSpace Yorkshire. She trained with yoga schools in London and Portugal and is a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals.  Emma is also trained in Mandala Flow taught by Julie Montagu who runs The Whole Self Yoga School. She trains extensively in London at a yoga studio with expert teachers and is currently training to bring a therapeutic form of yoga to YogaSpace Yorkshire from January 2020.

She learned her Gong craft from two gongmaster Gurus; Mehtab Benton from the USA who has teaches all over the world, and continues to train with Sheila Whittaker who is the lead trainer at the College of Sound Healing. Emma offers the gong during the relaxation in her Kundalini  yoga lessons, plays the gong as part of her yoga Nidra class and offers a dedicated gong bath experience class.

Emma’s vision is to bring yoga and wellbeing into the heart of the Yorkshire countryside and make it available both to locals and to residential retreat visitors and anyone visiting this part of North Yorkshire who seeks a mid-week yoga practice. She is currently training in a holistic yoga therapy which will be taught at YogaSpace Yorkshire in 2020.

Emma holds residential retreats here at YogaSpace Yorkshire in collaboration with visiting guest teachers.

She also runs a YogaSpace Yorkshire Women networking group meeting for all ages and interests. Women’s Groups are energising and uplifting and when you participate, you can expect lively discussions, a short pranayama/yogic practice and always some Yogi tea and cake.

Private Yoga, Yoga Nidra or Gong Practice

Emma  is available for private lessons. Please ask.

All Kundalini yoga classes are drop-in dates. Select dates you can attend.

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What do they say about Yogaspace Yorkshire?

Yoga at Patrick Brompton Hall is a very special experience.
The beautiful and peaceful yoga studio is the perfect setting for yoga practice.


I have been to many different yoga retreats both in the UK and overseas and this one was by far the best.
My advice? Book it now!


To sum it up with one word: love. The best yoga retreat I have been to.
Amazing teacher, wonderful hosts, beautiful facilities, gorgeous surroundings, and delicious food.
Absolutely loved every bit of it


The Women’s Group has been an amazing, welcoming, warm experience.
The positive energies and collective female wisdom has been brilliant – the thought provoking sessions followed by the yoga and final gong bath was the perfect balance – thank you Emma – and please can we do it all again!


From the first moment of entering the beautiful hall, I knew this studio is something special. A light spacious yet so cozy and calm yoga space is hard to find. Relaxation comes naturally and yoga is so much more enjoyable in these beautiful surroundings. Emma is am amazing kundalini yoga teacher and divine when playing the gong. Her classes are challenging yet respect individual circumstances and make you feel so much better instantly. She is very knowledgeable, connects theory and practice with ease, is full of energy and positive spirit and a joy to be taught by. I truly love my kundalini yoga and gong sessions with Emma


I came on retreat and stayed at the cottages with my oldest daughter in June 2018 and January 2019.

Emma and Charlie are the perfect hosts they made us feel completely welcome in their beautiful home which sits in beautiful grounds surrounded by spectacular views of Yorkshire.

Emma & Beth

I have taken part in several Kundalini yoga classes during retreats at Patrick Brompton Hall and have loved all of them.
I was a novice to this particular yoga but the classes catered for all abilities and I was immediately made to feel comfortable.
I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my Kundalini yoga journey and I can’t wait to go back again soon!


I want to do your yoga Nidra class again – I slept so well. Thank you.


Emma’s Kundalini classes are ‘first-class, a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Emma is fabulous teacher and really opens you to a new way of being while you show yourself self-love and care’