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Join a Spiritual Pharmacy event with Emma Ropner here - book online at the Whole Self Hub.

Spiritual Pharmacy @ YogaSpaceYorkshire

Spiritual Pharmacy at YogaSpace Yorkshire

Welcome to the Spiritual Pharmacy at YogaSpaceYorkshire

The Spiritual Pharmacy is a community space where we explore the experience of being fully human as spiritual beings. We will support your journey towards this deep contentment of knowing ‘I am enough.’

We offer events and workshops to gently guide you towards that spark or point of truth that blazes like a pure diamond within us all, a gift freely given to us when we are born.

The times we live in are testing, cloudy, and can darken or dull this bright light within us all, a light that is the light of our soul.

Our carefully curated events held at YogaSpace Yorkshire by our Spiritual Pharmacy offer you a portal to that immortal diamond at the core of your very being.

Upcoming Events

The Spiritual Pharmacy Book Club – 28th Apri at 6-7pm £3 ticket – book at Whole Self Hub

Softer Sundays – with Emma – £20 book at Whole Self Hub

25th April 5-7pm – Special workshop to explore the Sacrum – our sacred room in our body.

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The Spiritual Pharmacy @ YogaSpace Yorkshire

The Spiritual Pharmacy at YogaSpace Yorkshire

Name: The Spiritual Pharmacy

Events : The Spiritual Pharmacy

Emma Ropner is the founder and senior yoga teacher at YogaSpace Yorkshire

Emma has been involved in spiritual explorations since 1999 and her Kundalini yoga training took her more deeply into this journey. Since 2017 she has studied and worked with spiritual teachers in London, Portugal, and France.

Emma has created the Spiritual Pharmacy at YogaSpaceYorkshire to open up and make accessible spiritual exploration for North Yorkshire through events and workshops. There is a ‘longing to belong ‘ a need for our souls to connect with others and share fellowship and space with others during the current testing times. We were ‘not born to feel isolated’ and alone, and when we find our soul tribe we begin to find a flourishing within ourselves as we make connections, share discussion, and participate in events in person and online.

Our events are not about a cult church or organisation, they are non-denominational but some events find the devotional and deeply personal in the practice which helps us connect to our immortal inner diamond.

Many events will also be held online for those who wish to join from further away.

Emma looks forward to guiding your gentle journey towards inner contentment, self-kindness, and peace – walking you towards ‘radical self-love’.

‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us’. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Beginners Kundalini Yoga Classes start on Wednesday January 11th 2023 -click forward on the calendar to the date bookk

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What do they say about Yogaspace Yorkshire?

Yoga at Patrick Brompton Hall is a very special experience.
The beautiful and peaceful yoga studio is the perfect setting for yoga practice.


I want to do your yoga Nidra class again – I slept so well. Thank you.


I have been to many different yoga retreats both in the UK and overseas and this one was by far the best.
My advice? Book it now!


I came on retreat and stayed at the cottages with my oldest daughter in June 2018 and January 2019.

Emma and Charlie are the perfect hosts they made us feel completely welcome in their beautiful home which sits in beautiful grounds surrounded by spectacular views of Yorkshire.

Emma & Beth

From the first moment of entering the beautiful hall, I knew this studio is something special. A light spacious yet so cozy and calm yoga space is hard to find. Relaxation comes naturally and yoga is so much more enjoyable in these beautiful surroundings. Emma is am amazing kundalini yoga teacher and divine when playing the gong. Her classes are challenging yet respect individual circumstances and make you feel so much better instantly. She is very knowledgeable, connects theory and practice with ease, is full of energy and positive spirit and a joy to be taught by. I truly love my kundalini yoga and gong sessions with Emma


I have taken part in several Kundalini yoga classes during retreats at Patrick Brompton Hall and have loved all of them.
I was a novice to this particular yoga but the classes catered for all abilities and I was immediately made to feel comfortable.
I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my Kundalini yoga journey and I can’t wait to go back again soon!


Emma’s Kundalini classes are ‘first-class, a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Emma is fabulous teacher and really opens you to a new way of being while you show yourself self-love and care’


To sum it up with one word: love. The best yoga retreat I have been to.
Amazing teacher, wonderful hosts, beautiful facilities, gorgeous surroundings, and delicious food.
Absolutely loved every bit of it


The Women’s Group has been an amazing, welcoming, warm experience.
The positive energies and collective female wisdom has been brilliant – the thought provoking sessions followed by the yoga and final gong bath was the perfect balance – thank you Emma – and please can we do it all again!