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Pure Planetary Gong Bath   Friday 8th December 2023

60 minutes £12

Unlock the Healing Power of the Cosmos: Join Emma’s Gong Bath Session where she will play her planetary Paiste yoga gongs: Earth and Chiron Gongs!

🌍 Experience deep, celestial healing with the resonance of Earth and Chiron gongs in a transformative sound journey.

🌠 Are you ready to embark on a celestial healing adventure? Connect with the energies of Earth and Chiron in our exclusive Gong Bath session. It’s more than just sound; it’s cosmic healing.

🎵 What to Expect:

  • 🪘 Earth Gong: Feel grounded and connected as the Earth Gong’s deep vibrations resonate through your body, restoring balance and harmony and self-connection.
  • Chiron Gong: Connect with your inner healer and embrace transformation as the Chiron Gong’s ethereal tones guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Chiron is the gong of the wounded healer, it knows where to release trapped energies and free up energetic space removing past life memory traces from your tissues.

🌟 Benefits of Our Gong Bath Session:

  • 🌿 Release stress and tension
  • 🧘‍♀️ Deep relaxation and meditation
  • 🌌 Align with your inner self
  • 🌈 Healing and transformation
  • 🌐 Connection to Earth and the Cosmos

🗓️ Event Details:

  • 📅 Date: 8th December 2023
  • 🕒 Time: 6.30-7.30pm (arrive between 6.15-6.25 if you can. We start prompt, no late entries).
  • 📍 Location: Studio Ananda at Yogaspace Yorkshire
  • 💰 Investment: £12 – places limited

🪙 What to Bring:

  • 🧘‍♀️ We provide mats/props but bring anything else – eg an eye pillow and comfortable head cushion
  • 🧴 Water bottle – not glass or metal that can chink if knocked over
  • 🥖 Bring a healthy self – this session requires closed windows to ensure perfect sound effects #respiratory illnesses and virus

About Emma: Emma is an experienced gong sound healer with a deep connection to the healing power of planetary gongs. They have guided countless individuals on journeys of self-discovery and transformation. Emma plays one of these two gongs at the end of every kundalini yoga class too.

📩 Reserve Your Spot: Spaces are limited, so book now to secure your place in this unique celestial healing experience. Please buy your ticket on the booking app – the link is on our website calendar. Choose 8th Dec.

Please note – you can only buy a ticket for yourself as every attendee to YSY must sign our studio health waiver and Emma does not accept anyone who is pregnant for any gong baths.   The booking page is accessed by this link.

🔮 Don’t miss this opportunity to harmonize with Earth and Chiron for a profound, cosmic healing journey. Join us for a Gong Bath session that transcends the ordinary and takes you to the depths of your inner cosmos.



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Thursday 21st December 2023 – 6pm onwards

Ignite Your Inner Light: Winter Solstice Fire and Feast at Our Yoga Studio


Are you ready to embrace the magic of the winter solstice? Join us on December 21st for a transformative Fire ceremony at our yoga studio, where we’ll harness the power of this celestial event to ignite your inner light. Afterwards we will dine together and feast on a handcrafted pizza made by Bute Pizza Co – the best wood-fired crispy base pizza co in Yorkshire (and the UK in our opinion..)

Investment – £37.00 pp  if ticket bought before Nov 30th – thereafter tickets £42.00

🔥 What to Expect:

  • 🔥 Sacred Fire: As the longest night of the year settles upon us, we’ll gather around a sacred fire, symbolising the return of the universe’s light from 22 December onwards. We will create our new beginnings in alignment with this high vibrational time. The fire’s warmth will purify your intentions and illuminate your path.
  • Emma will send details of how to prepare your fire offering by email to all those who book.
  • 🌌 Some Meditation: around the fire.

🌟 Benefits of Our Winter Solstice Fire Ritual:

  • 🕯️ Inner reflection and transformation
  • 🌠 Spiritual growth and renewal
  • 🌬️ Releasing what no longer serves you
  • 🌗 Embracing the return of the light
  • 🌱 Setting intentions for the year ahead

🗓️ Event Details: LIMITED SPACES 

  • 📅 Date: Thursday December 21st 2023
  • 🕒 Time: arrive at 6.pm – or in time for us to start around 6.15pm
  • 📍 Location: YogaSpace Yorkshire
  • 💰 Investment: Early bird price £37.00  -buy your ticket before 30th November.
  •  Regular Price £42.00  if buying from Dec 1st onwards.

🪘 What to Bring:

  • 🧘 Comfortable clothing/coat for fire ceremony
  • 🧴 Water bottle
  • 🔥 An open heart and an intention
    • A healthy self


Solstice  Rituals and Fire Ceremony starts c.6.15pm.

Pizza in the dining room served at c. 7.30pm.

Your pizza will be cooked on site – fresh for you to eat in the dining room.

On arrival you will choose your pizza topping from a selection vegetarian ingredients and Richard from Bute Pizza Co  will create and cook the pizzas for us to eat in the dining room.

Hot Chai will be served. Plant milk only for a base.

An Alcohol- free refreshment (Lager) -may be served ( optional to consume ) – at our discretion.

Bring your own alcohol refreshments – these are also welcome!



Any booking queries – please email     yogaspaceyorkshire@gmail.com 

or Whatsapp Emma on 07833 231348

Booking Policy

Only one person can book a ticket for themselves using one name (their own) and one email per booking on the system.

Please do not book for someone else. Please don’t forget to register your name on the event date list on Gymcatch once you have purchased your ticket. 

Attendees to YSY studio (new or regulars) are required by the booking system to read and sign our studio T& C’s before attending any workshop class event or retreat here.

If you are attending with a friend, they must make their own booking in order to read and agree digitally, the T&C.

Cancellation policy: This event has no refund. If there is a waitlist your cancelled place will be offered to the waitlist. We cannot guarantee a waitlist. You may also suggest a substitute and they must create an account on YSY Gymcatch app so they read and agree our T&C – your ticket money will be transferred to their booking.

If you have Covid or flu or an infectious illness, for the safety of the group please consider your position.

If you are a regular studio attendee with Emma, you will be offered one kundalini class if you cancel due to illness.



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‘Spring Forward’ Yoga Retreat in Yorkshire

Find a lighter heart and step.

15-17 March 2023 – Spring Equinox Retreat with Kundalini Yoga teachers  Emma Ropner @Yogaspace Yorkshire and Sarah Woodhouse @thewashhouse Northumberland.

Rachel Summers is our retreat therapist during this weekend. Rachel offers body massages, head and foot massages, copper bowl sound therapy played up and downy your spine and reiki and all sessions are held in her crystal shala.

Why choose this weekend?

Spring 2024 Kundalini Yoga Retreat: Awaken Your Inner Radiance in the Yorkshire Dales

Our Spring 2024 Kundalini Yoga Retreat held in a beautiful historic house and parkland setting in the Yorkshire Dales is an exclusive women-only retreat with elevating Kundalini Yoga sessions, a sacred cacao ceremony,  and the opportunity to be nourished all weekend, both in our dining room from our superb plant food supported by fresh Yorkshire air and your harmonious immersion in nature.


Transformative Kundalini Yoga: Dive deep into the profound teachings of Kundalini Yoga, a dynamic and transformative practice that awakens your inner potential. Guided by experienced instructors Emma and Sarah, these sessions will empower you to unlock energy, balance chakras, and elevate your consciousness.

 Cacao Ceremony: Experience the heart-opening magic of a cacao ceremony, a sacred ritual using the cacao bean bringing you a heightened awareness and a deeper connection with your inner self. Set intentions and allow the rich, ceremonial-grade cacao to guide you deeper into your potential.

Gong Bath: Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of a gong bath, where the resonance of the gong facilitates a profound meditative experience. Let the soothing sounds wash over you, promoting relaxation, release, and alignment of your energy centres.

Nature Immersion: Our retreat takes place in a historic house surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. You have our grounds to explore in your free time, and we usually schedule a walk to our stone circle.

Vegan and Vegetarian Delights: Nourish your body with delicious and wholesome vegan and vegetarian meals. The retreat price is all-inclusive of food, accommodation, and all activities on the schedule.

Indoor heated swimming pool and hot and cold tubs are provided during this weekend. 

This retreat is a celebration of the feminine spirit, fostering a supportive and fun-loving community of women.

Date: 15th -17th March 2024
Location: Patrick Brompton Hall,  a Historic House in the Yorkshire Dales and home of YogaSpace Yorkshire

What’s Included:

Daily Kundalini Yoga sessions
Cacao ceremony with Gong Bath
Nature immersion activities
Vegan and vegetarian culinary delights
Opening and Closing ceremonies

Indoor heated swimming pool, hot tub, cold plunge tub for breathwork.

What is not included:

Therapy sessions with Rachel in her Shala,

Your transport to and from the venue, your personal insurance to cover any cancellation you may make with us.

We prefer you to bring your own yoga mat if possible (we do have some) and your own eye pillow if you use them in sound therapy.

Embrace the magic of Spring 2024 surrounded by the beauty of nature and the uplifting energy of like-minded women. We can’t wait to share this transformative journey with yo

Say yes to you

Say yes to supporting yourself,  raising your vibration, and rebooting your human software (neural pathways) over the weekend as we explore transformative practices offered by Kundalini yoga. This is THE yoga for creating change and harnessing your personal power through postures aligned with your intention and your breath.  This retreat helps us make a shift, a cosmic leap into the abundance of our universe, and, find inner solace and peace.  Spend this weekend with a lovely group of women all seeking to renew, refresh, and RELAX.

Limited Spaces Available – single rooms have been taken – if you wish to enquire, I can make a shared room a single if I have my minimum number of guests allocated their rooms. 
Reserve your spot now for a joy-filled and transformative Kundalini Yoga Retreat in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Secure Your Spot Today with a deposit

Prices – Early Bird price available if you book in and pay your deposit before December 31st 2023.

SUPERIOR  Shared House twin-bed room with PARK VIEW using any house bathroom. £525pp- (rises to  £555 after close of early bird date).  4 rooms left.

STANDARD Shared House twin-bed room (side view) using any house bathroom. £485pp  (rises to  £525 after close of early bird date).  3 rooms left.

TWO Double-bed en-suite cottages with en-suite bathrooms. Single or Shared Occupancy.

No early bird prices for cottages:

Cottage 1 (super king bed) 

Cottage 2  (king bed)

£599.00 single occupancy

£655 pp sharing one of these cottages


Please email: yogaspaceyorkshire@gmail.com to book your accommodation selection.

Please send your name, address, mobile and email when making your enquiry and requesting to book.

Booking T& C

(you will also be asked to sign a yoga health waiver if you book)

Terms to accept in full can be read here 

Deposit Terms

A 30% deposit secures your place. The deposit is non-refundable.

Balance terms 

The 70% balance is due 3 weeks before the retreat start date of the 15th March – on 23rd Feb 2024

If you have paid your deposit you are liable for the balance.

You can gift your place to an able person who can replace you or ask them to pay us the balance. Please consider your own travel insurance as we are not personal travel insurers and we cannot be responsible for refunding you if you are ill.

However, if we the organisers, cancel you, (unlikely) we refund you entirely, deposit and balance.

If you have any payment queries please contact us.

We accept BACS payments only for retreat payments. We provide you with this when you ask to book.

What does your payment include?

Your payment includes all you need – accommodation, towels, bathrobe, etc, food, hot tea, and cold drinks yoga activities including props.

Your payment does not include

1. Transport to and from Patrick Brompton Hall

2. Your therapies with any therapist working that weekend.

3. Cancellation insurance – we advise you to take this out for yourself to cover any cancellation you may need to make.

Please email Emma and ask for your choice of accommodation.
yogaspaceyorkshire@gmail.com for a fast reply
or emma@yogaspaceyorkshire.com

We very much hope to welcome you here.

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