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When you come to Patrick Brompton Hall, either to a class, workshop or on a residential retreat, you are welcomed into a family home that embraces wellbeing and creative activities in a beautiful space. The yoga studio is growing and we offer a wide range of classes from yoga, tai chi, pilates, to more the more specific:  yoga for cancer, wellbeing community class, women’s group and workshops for longer practice.

The mid-week timetable of yoga, Pilates Tai Chi and sound classes can be pre-booked with a teacher, or where the timetable shows, are available on a drop-in basis. We have a class timetable and an events calendar. Keep an eye on both; we hope there is something for everyone to try.

The main part of the house was built in 1703 in the period of Queen Anne and is a Grade II listed Historic House. Wellbeing and creativity are the perfect blend for such a grand old dame of a house. She has been opening her doors for 316 years to everyone who knocks.

YogaSpace Yorkshire

Our teachers live in the local area and know and love Yorkshire folk. They deliver their classes at an open-to-all level with adjustments given where necessary. However if you are an expectant mother, we do not advise you choose Kundalini yoga during your ‘term’ months. We have a pre-natal yoga class that is perfect for you. We also prefer not to admit expectant mums to our sound sessions.

Classes take place in our serene studio equipped with mats, blocks, straps, bolsters eye pillows and blankets. We have both  Chiron and Mercury planetary Paiste gongs – either is played at the end of a Kundalini yoga class and at our sound bath events.

Our residential retreats and workshops usually take place at weekends but occasionally they may be held mid-week or for a whole week. We also hold yoga teacher trainings for yoga schools and individual trainers. If you wish to hold an event here, a training, or teach here, come and join this rural yoga community and share your talents with us.

We host retreats for teachers practising all over the UK and the world. Our retreats are fully catered and residential (or some are day) and we have a studio capacity for 12 students. Summer workshops held outside may be for larger groups. Enquire in the first instance, with your ideas for your event.

We are waiting to welcome you.

Our Teachers

Emma Ropner
Emma RopnerKundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Gong Baths, Women's Network Group
Emma is a certified Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Nidra teacher and Gong practitioner and is the founder and owner of YogaSpace Yorkshire. She trained with KRI certified yoga schools in London and Portugal and is a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals.  Emma is also trained in Mandala Flow taught by Julie Montagu who runs The Whole Self Yoga School. She trained with James Reeves who teaches the acclaimed Yoga Nidra IRest method. She trains extensively in London at a yoga studio with expert teachers and is currently training to bring a therapeutic form of yoga to YogaSpace Yorkshire from January 2020.

She learned her Gong craft from two gongmaster Gurus; Mehtab Benton from the USA who has teaches all over the world, and continues to train with Sheila Whittaker who is the lead trainer at the College of Sound Healing. Emma offers the gong during the relaxation in her Kundalini  yoga lessons, plays the gong as part of her yoga Nidra class and offers a dedicated gong bath experience class.

Emma’s vision is to bring yoga and wellbeing into the heart of the Yorkshire countryside and make it available both to locals and to residential retreat visitors and anyone visiting this part of North Yorkshire who seeks a mid-week yoga practice. She is currently training in a holistic yoga therapy which will be taught at YogaSpace Yorkshire in 2020.

Emma holds residential retreats here at YogaSpace Yorkshire in collaboration with visiting guest teachers.

She also runs a YogaSpace Yorkshire Women networking group meeting for all ages and interests. Women’s Groups are energising and uplifting and when you participate, you can expect lively discussions, a short pranayama/yogic practice and always some Yogi tea and cake.

They take place on  Sundays from 4.30pm-7pm. Make an enquiry if you are interested to join in.

Private Yoga, Yoga Nidra or Gong Practice

Emma  is available for private lessons. Please ask.

Join the newsletter for updates about all these events to know more and join in. We are waiting to welcome you here.

Tel: 07833 231348

Amy Manancourt
Amy ManancourtHatha and Yin Yoga, Childrens' Yoga, Early Hatha Practice
I am a dancer and have always been interested in Yoga, but for about 5 years of practice I didn’t really get what the excitement was about however in 2017 I gave myself the challenge to practice yoga and breath work everyday for one month, as a super busy person my mind was always racing and I liked being active; sometimes in that month all I could give myself permission to do was 5 minutes of deep breaths and that was it.

To my surprise through that month my life completely changed I became aware of my breath and more present in my body, my eczema healed up, I become connected to others and nature in a deeper way and as my time commitment to practice increased as my stress levels reduced I developed a healthier relationship with time and and was able to prioritise my time for self care.

One month of commitment to myself transformed my life, I know anyone can have that and that is super exciting!


Alexandra Percival
Alexandra PercivalTai Chi Instructor, Pre-Natal Yoga, Post-Natal Yoga, Speciality Tai Chi for Parkinson's and Arthritis Care
BHSc (Hons) MCSP, BSc (Hons) MSST Chartered Physiotherapist, HCPC Registered.

In 2006 Alex graduated from Teesside University with a BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy degree. She went on to have a carer within the NHS, while working for the NHS Alex attended York st John University and graduated in 2013 with a BHSc (Hons) Physiotherapy degree.

Since then she has worked as an NHS Physiotherapist and also within a private practice. As well as carrying out a range of Physiotherapy treatments she has a passion for and regularly practises Chi Kung a form of Tai Chi.

This consists of adapted Tai Chi exercises that have been developed using the principles of Tai Chi and are based around Chi Kung.

Tel: 07799 068656

Pam Ashworth
Pam AshworthPilates Instructor
I’ve always been interested in exercise and, as I got older, determined to keep my body toned and supple.

Pilates works for me as it is all about strengthening and toning without the energetic jumping around of the “gym bunny”. I enjoy and find the stretching very beneficial and strengthening making an amazing connection between the mind and body.

Pilates has definitely strengthened my back and given me a more toned and flexible body, better posture and fitness. My general well-being has improved whilst going through a very stressful period in my life. Pilates has rehabilitated my body from a succession of riding accidents.

As Joseph Pilates said “if you have an inflexible spine at 30 you are OLD. if you have a flexible spine at 60 you are YOUNG”

Tel: 07974 978253

RachelYoga Fundamentals Instructor
Rachel began her personal practice in her late teens. As a climber and fell runner yoga provided a space to recharge and explore body movement in an alternative way.

Later the practices and philosophy of yoga began to inform how to move within the landscape without pushing and with more mental and physical balance, yoga came to inform all aspects of life.

Training at first with the British wheel of yoga, and then as a experiential yoga therapist with Yoga Anubhava through the British based Sara Delamore and Indian based Dr Mukund Bhole.

Rachel guides you through a practice to find space and clarity within your internal frame, helping you to engage with each practice at a level that is right for you, encouraging each student to think openly and independently. You will find the practices precise but without limitation, fun and reflective, encouraging and supportive and encompassing all aspects of the eight limbs of yoga.

Tel: 01748 886460

TomWellbeing Class Instructor
Tom was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2017 and is raising awareness for this condition by helping others through the organisation of this session.

He is our co-ordinator for our Speciality Tai Chi lesson on Monday led by Alexandra.

Initial enquiries and bookings for this class are made with Tom.

Now Hiring
Now HiringTeach Your Class Here
We are looking for lovely local teachers to join our YogaSpace Yorkshire team.
If you are local to the area, fully qualified and would like to teach a mid-week class and have the opportunity to hold weekend workshops and retreats here, please contact Emma. Your class is waiting for you.
Currently offering classes for the following practice styles.

Vinyasa Flow,
Yoga for Children 12-15 years
Laughing Yoga
Dru Yoga
Sound therapy class

60-90 minute classes available for the following:

Zumba class
Ballroom Dance Class
Bums and Tums

We are open to enquiries from teachers who wish to teach in a dedicated wellbeing community.

Our Practitioners

Lulu Ferrand
Lulu FerrandCraniosacral Practitioner
We are lucky to have arranged for Lulu Ferrand RCST to be available on Saturday and Sunday. She is an experienced biodynamic craniosacral therapist and Chair of the Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK. Her website is

Cranlosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy that tunes into the nervous system and allows the body to release deeply held traumas, either emotional or physical. The body can feel ‘listened to’ and Lulu’s clients have reported very profound results.

This is in addition to what is included in your program. Sessions last for an hour and will cost £65. If you would like to book, please email me.


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The Women’s Group has been an amazing, welcoming, warm experience.
The positive energies and collective female wisdom has been brilliant – the thought provoking sessions followed by the yoga and final gong bath was the perfect balance – thank you Emma – and please can we do it all again!


I came on retreat and stayed at the cottages with my oldest daughter in June 2018 and January 2019.
Emma and Charlie are the perfect hosts they made us feel completely welcome in their beautiful home which sits in beautiful grounds surrounded by spectacular views of Yorkshire.

Emma & Beth

Yoga at Patrick Brompton Hall is a very special experience.
The beautiful and peaceful yoga studio is the perfect setting for yoga practice.


I have taken part in several Kundalini yoga classes during retreats at Patrick Brompton Hall and have loved all of them.
I was a novice to this particular yoga but the classes catered for all abilities and I was immediately made to feel comfortable.
I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my Kundalini yoga journey and I can’t wait to go back again soon!


To sum it up with one word: love. The best yoga retreat I have been to.
Amazing teacher, wonderful hosts, beautiful facilities, gorgeous surroundings, and delicious food.
Absolutely loved every bit of it


I have been to many different yoga retreats both in the UK and overseas and this one was by far the best.
My advice? Book it now!


I want to do your yoga Nidra class again – I slept so well. Thank you.



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