Terms and Conditions for attending YogaSpace Yorkshire for any class workshop or day or residential retreat at Patrick Brompton Hall.
If you step through the door to attend a booked class or event here, you are deemed to have read and agreed to Terms and conditions of booking and/or attending the YogaSpace Yorkshire Building at Patrick Brompton Hall.

This is your legally binding agreement when booking and/or taking part in any yoga, Tai Chi Pilates, sound, or gong bath session, with Yogaspace Yorkshire and Patrick Brompton Hall Ltd. The agreement covers any attendance here including a class, course, workshop, or retreat. You agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions and agree to the stated privacy policy as set out below.
The following will be in the document below.
1. Booking your place/your responsibilities plus disclaimer agreement. Studio code of conduct), left property here.
2. Booking weekly timetabled classes
3. Payments for classes/workshops
4. Full-day workshops
5. Residential retreats
6. Cancellations by Yogaspace Yorkshire teachers or facilitators of lessons
7. Car parking at Yogaspace Yorkshire
8. Privacy policy – why we need your details

9. Your responsibilities to assist safe practice for all who attend YogaSpace Yorkshire

Mid-Week Teacher-Led classes Studio Safe Practice

Booking a class place & your responsibilities

Do NOT attend with any symptoms of cold/flu as these cannot be distinguished from Covid19 or developing into Covid19.  By attending in person, symptoms are listed on the NHS page https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms/

Parking: Please also do not park where you are blocking in the holiday cottages access, or another car that has parked and the owner is in another class.

Face coverings: Must be worn on entering the building and kept on until you are on the mat and the teacher begins the class.

Arrive changed: Come changed and ready for class if possible, do not enter the building until absolutely necessary. Wear warmer clothes as the  Autumn/winter progresses so we can continue to keep windows open for hygiene measures, even when the fire’s lit.

*Please Bring your own mat, block or cushion/props, a blanket. We do not provide yoga mats to studio participants.

*Please Shoes off at the door and put in boot tray, socks kept on until you sit on your own mat.

*Please Wash hands in the cloakroom thoroughly and then use Antibac gel before entering the studio.

If you go to the toilet mid-class please wash hands and use gel again before returning to the studio.

After class please be efficient at leaving the building to clear the space for ensuing classes.

YSY and Patrick Brompton Hall, Yoga Pilates and Tai Chi Health and WellbeingDisclaimer – any attendance on site.

YogaSpace Yorkshire at Patrick Brompton Hall will legally understand that if you choose to book, pay and attend any class, event, workshop or retreat with any class teacher, or facilitator, at Patrick Brompton Hall, you are agreeing, by doing so, to the following stated below. YogaSpace Yorkshire advises students not to take part in YogaSpace Yorkshire classes without first seeking medical advice if they have any concerns at all over their physical condition.

“I ………………………… (you, the student purchaser of any in-person attendance class/event/session with any teacher at YogaSpace Yorkshire or Patrick Brompton Hall Retreats,) have read the following information and should I attend any class/workshop/event/retreat in person I agree to the terms and conditions stated. I am over 18 years of age and competent to sign. A). Most YSY yoga/event classes include physical movements as well as an opportunity for relaxation, stress re-education, relief of muscular tension and improve mental focus. B) As is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury, even serious or disabling, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. I affirm that I alone am responsible for the decision to attend and practice at this class/event/workshop or retreat, and will/or have, seek/sought the counsel of medical practitioners first if I was in any way unsure as to whether to practice. I ……………………….also understand there is no way of guaranteeing that anyone with me in attendance at YogaSpace Yorkshire does not have COVID. Furthermore, I agree to not come in person to any class at Patrick Brompton Hall home of YogaSpace Yorkshire, with any suspected COVID19 symptoms or temperature, or during a period of required self-isolation, or waiting for test results where the result is unknown, have been contacted by the NHS Track and Trace. I monitor myself for health and am aware of the illness and symptoms. By reading and then signing these T&C, I am in agreement and I acknowledge that all risk cannot be eliminated, and that there is an inherent risk in these times and that I voluntarily choose to engage in my class event or retreat at YogaSpace Yorkshire. I agree not to bring any suit for damages regardless and I release all parties associated with this event from any damages suffered by me whether mental, physical, or financial. I understand that I must not attend yoga or sound classes if I am pregnant (or post-natal before a doctor check to allow the class practice to resume) and that I will choose to attend a prenatal yoga class only (and only a post-natal yoga class even post-birth until my body is fully healed and capable) whilst I am pregnant or in the early post-natal stage. By attending any YSY class workshop retreat or event at Patrick Brompton Hall, I release any and all claim(s) I may make after attending any class, workshop retreat, or event at YogaSpace Yorkshire. I am knowingly and voluntarily assuming any and all risks are known and unknown, relating to yoga, Pilates ta chi, wellbeing practices, sound events, and the illness of Covid19, and am knowingly and voluntarily agreeing to these terms and conditions.”

Safe practice policy at YogaSpace Yorkshire

All attendees at YogaSpace Yorkshire and Patrick Brompton Hall should adhere to maintaining a safe, respectful nurturing, and polite space for all participants to enjoy. We also wish you as a student, to uphold the respect and privacy of any information shared here by any other student or teacher during a lesson, workshop retreat, or women’s meeting. Failure to do so will result in a request for you not to attend in the future.”

At his or her own discretion your teacher may transfer your paid place to another date if you have cancelled with your teacher earlier than 24 hours and they have been able to fill your class place.
However, all payments, and lesson date transfers, are subject to the individual discretion of each class teacher.
Payment may be taken in cash, or by debit/tap card, or by BACS depending on the method, each teacher makes available for their students.
Payment for YogaSpace Yorkshire Workshops, Sound or Gong Sessions, retreats, day retreats, women’s circles.
Payment is required in advance, to reserve a date or place, or at the very start of the session, whichever has been agreed, with the teacher/facilitator/leader to secure a date/place/attend. Every agreement may differ, you will be advised when you arrange to book an event here, what your terms are.

Where teachers hire YogaSpace Yorkshire for a workshop or event, we require a deposit (discretionary amount to be decided but always a minimum of 30% of event student cost in total) to secure dates. The balance is due 2 days before the actual event date. Non-payment of balance is deemed cancellation of the event. No deposits will be returned.


Where YogaSpace Yorkshire is not the ‘organizer’ of an event, but only the ‘host’ – check full terms and conditions with each individual organizer to be certain of your terms.
Where we state ‘non-refundable non-transferable – this rule applies. All tickets are non-transferable unless agreed with YogaSpace Yorkshire. All teachers offering workshops here have their own payment terms. You will be advised when you book. We may refund tickets where we can offer the ticket to a waitlist.
Workshop refunds may be offered if you cancel during the T&C laid out on the web description. If none are written up, the following applies.
Short Workshops. (Workshop length of time: up to 2 hours) Short workshops are Non-refundable in any circumstance. Possible transfer to another date, if one is being offered. However, where you have given us reasonable notice – 10 days or more, we will do all we can to fill your place or move your payment to another event of similar value.

COVID19 – may affect short session workshops. When you cancel us at short notice and we can’t resell your ticket, no refund is payable. If we can resell your ticket (even if it is at a lower price) we will refund you if you request, but you may not get your full ticket value back.

If we cancel an event, we will return your ticket money in full.

4) FULL DAY WORKSHOPS – offered by external teachers or a YSY teacher.
These are paid to the individual teacher holding the event. Teachers have their own payment terms. You can enquire with the workshop teacher before you book.
In addition to the Disclaimer here, YogaSpace Yorkshire and Patrick Brompton Hall Residential retreats have further terms and conditions that you can read before you choose to book any residential event.

T&C for Yoga Retreats organized and sold/led by YSY and Patrick Brompton Hall with in-house teacher

YSY and PB Hall In-House yoga residential retreat Booking T&C

You are booking this retreat as you believe you are fit and able to practice yoga and have not been advised against yoga practices by your doctor. You declare you are not pregnant and can hear the gong being played.

We will practice a sense of safety for the group. In addition to extra hygiene/ventilation at YSY, and as lateral flow tests are freely available, we will ask you to take a test – within 14 hours or, as many of you will be locals, before you set off on Saturday. We can also provide the tests upon arrival here if you do not have access to a free lateral flow test. We do not insist on single/double vaccinated. Masks will not be worn once everyone declares their test results.

Monetary Terms
To book: visit https://app.namastream.com/ysy – select your retreat date, pay, and register your payment against a retreat calendar date.

A deposit of 30% of the retreat cost (single or shared room place) secures your place. Non-Transferable.
Balance: Cancel your balance payment before your 3 weeks payment due date before an event.
The balance payment is required within that 3-week window and if you can’t attend it is non-refundable but we can help you transfer – we keep a wait list and help if we can – or you can suggest a suitable and able retreat participant to take your place. It is not our responsibility to fill a place if you can’t attend.
If you take this last option (sending an alternative retreat guest to us) we need to have the participant’s email and address and phone number and send them our Retreat Centre T&C to be signed.

We reserve the right to cancel and where we cancel you as the client, due to our unavoidable circumstances, we will refund you any fees paid or transfer you to another date if available.
YogaSpace Yorkshire and Patrick Brompton Hall take no responsibility for any car parked and left outside the premises or for any theft or damage to the car or the contents.
YogaSpace Yorkshire may take photographs of lessons, workshops for promotional material.
If you do not wish to be in any image – please notify us on arrival at an event.
9) PRIVACY POLICY – YogaSpace Yorkshire – any attendance
YogaSpace Yorkshire MUST now collect from you, a YogaSpace Yorkshire attendee to any class, workshop, retreat or event, session or circle, your full name, and contact information (email and phone number). We keep for the regulatory 21 days.

We also require an emergency contact number. We may also need your age and health information. If so, we will keep this data safe.
Your day and residential Retreat information are collected for the following purposes:

Because you have purchased a residential stay on our premises. We need to know your traveling/room share companion (where applicable) and dietary preferences, room choice, and travel arrangements. For Covid19 prevention, we need to know your roommate share (if applicable) and your details in case of a whole site outbreak or individual person needing to isolate, and requiring the rest of the party to self-isolate.
Ensure that the teacher and organizer of the service you have purchased are aware of any special requirements.
For invoicing and internal record keeping.
To periodically send you promotional emails about new products, special offers or other information that you may find interesting using the email address that you have provided.
YogaSpace Yorkshire and Patrick Brompton Hall do not share your personal information with third parties unless you have given specific permission or if required by law.
We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure.
Links: Our YogaSpace Yorkshire website may link to other websites. We cannot take responsibility for your decision to click on these links. You do so at your own risk.
YogaSpace Yorkshire reserves the right to change the Terms and therefore asks customers to check the Terms regularly, prior to booking.

Links: Our YogaSpace Yorkshire website may link to other websites. We cannot take responsibility for your decision to click on these links. You do so at your own risk.
YogaSpace Yorkshire reserves the right to change the Terms and therefore asks customers to check the Terms regularly, prior to booking.

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