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Healing through Planetary Gongs

Friday 18th October 2024 6.30-7.30pm £16.00

Join Emma for a sublime gong bath (mainly two planetary gongs supported by some other sound instruments).
There will be a short yoga nidra with Sankalpa before the gongs. You will be guided through, this is not active yoga, it is yogic sleep in preparation to receive the gongs.

Wear comfy clothes, come as you are!
We provide our usual comfort props but if you have a special eye pillow ( we don’t provide these for hygiene reasons) and head/neck pillow/cosy blanket etc, you are invited to bring these.

Yoga gongs are different to sound bath gongs. They are powerful, vibrational and induce delta and theta brain waves allowing us to deeply and completely relax.
Emma plays her gongs energetically and through interroception. It is said that “you can do nothing but submit the sound of the Gong (=God) after 7 minutes.”
Come for a Friday sound experience that will reboot your human software cells. Let the gong sound allow the week that has passed to peel away. Enter your weekend lighter and softer as the body fasciae releases its stored ‘issues in the tissues’ and reveals a brighter you.

For the comfort of all those attending, we appreciate it if you would come well to this session as coughs, colds, flu etc are disturbing.
Emma does not accept anyone pregnant on her sound sessions due to the powerful volume and energetic vibrations.


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