Let me tell you about Kundalini Yoga

Beginners are integrated into the class as we rest between strong postures and build our personal body strength at our own pace.

The kundalini is said to be the curl of energy at the base of the spine, which when raised up, allows pure consciousness to ‘flower’, strengthens our nervous systems, releases stress.

Kundalini yoga is dynamic at times but moves to be very still when we pause, rest down on the mat between postures. This allows you the time needed to assimilate the posture benefits so that the yoga regulates body hormones and brain neurotransmitters. Your thinking mind gradually drops into alignment with the intuitive heart space through the power of asana (posture), pranayama (breath), mudras (hand gestures that channel energy flow), and in addition, the magic of chanting short mantras.  We practice from a powerful toolbox,  during these lessons, to manage anxiety and stress.  We learn how to ‘change how we feel’ using these tools. Kundalini yoga can help you bring about physical/mental cleansing, release, and meditative uplift.

Emma’s lesson sets an empowering intention taken from yoga philosophy,  but each class can stand alone.

Various wellbeing themes will be incorporated into your class so that we boost your hormonal and glandular health so that your body grows strong. Most importantly, we work with Intention + Posture + Breath to bring about transformation. We work with the Quantum Physics of the Universe; our personal energy bodies are connected to the creative forces of the universe and when we work with and acknowledge this, the magic happens. We work towards our highest human and spiritual vibration.