Why Kundalini Yoga is the yoga for how we can help manage our 21st century digital mental and emotional lives. 

Anyone can join (except those pregnant) and create the transformation within themselves – using inner energy, to begin 2022.

Einstein said: The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Kundalini yoga is always about a series of classes to allow for your TRANSFORMATION.

We work with magic and limitless possibilities. We work with inner energy, learning to listen to feelings within the body that are reporting to us, messages we often choose to ignore, thus stifling change for ourselves.

Why Kundalini Yoga? What can you expect during a class? We eat up our stress hormones and create a newer fresher version of ourselves to take home after class. We change how we feel. We do what we do and we feel good about it.

You can expect the unexpected; we allow you to work with your own body strengths and limitations in an experiential moving fluid way and sit/lie back after posture for rest that allows your physical experience to assimilate into your hormonal flow. Over time, your helpful nervous system dominates over your unhelpful nervous system as neural pathways are re-wired in your brain patterns.

Breath: Kundalini yoga is unique in that we practice various breathwork, we make your breath important in class, for it is our life. How we breathe is how we experience our life. We learn to ‘breathe to believe’.
You will learn various breath techniques that support our challenged nervous systems and activate glands for intuition and health.

Kriya: We practice kriyas which are a series of specific movements with breath, and the kriya is designed to have a specific outcome for the glandular body or create an embodiment of an intention, personal, or set by the teacher. Kriyas purify our emotions and we move from tension pressure stress and friction on the mat to joy, ease, knowing, and ultimately, our liberation.

Posture: We practice asana repetitions of each movement against the backdrop of the most beautiful music to embody and push this experience deep into our precious body glove. We will move and breathe gracefully into various shapes and postures (asanas) that incorporate angles and triangles or feel like moving meditations to music.

Rests Between Postures:  As mentioned above, we rest between most postures to allow our bodies to absorb the beneficial hormonal effect. The gift in Kundalini yoga is often BETWEEN postures in these (usually) lying down rests/mini savasana.

Mantra: you will chant mantras that create percussion on the roof of your mouth to activate important master glands that drive your body health. Where Mantra is not being chanted out loud, Mantra is often mentally said or heard musically, whilst we do the posture.

Music: Kundalini yoga has special yoga music that creates an ambient effect for your nervous system and exhausted mind. Music is a powerful tool for your change. We may also chant in a meditative movement or meditation at the end. Chanting activates glands and is a powerful healing tool for the brain and throat chakra.

Meditation: Kundalini yoga has rather special meditations. We demystify meditation in our yoga, you may not realize you are. Kundalini yoga meditations allow you to explore being still and going deep within through mantra, whisper, music, breath, or movement. We might do one within the class kriya, or at the end of the class before the gong relaxation, or both.

Gong: We are the only yoga that plays a special yoga gong, usually planetary, as the relaxation music as the gong is able to reset and align the energy centers in the human body and completes the healing process of the kriya for you.

Our Bodies Carry Us In Our Lives

You are conscious of this world by means of your body – it is your only way to know you ‘belong’ for your body houses your unique spirit and soul. When we stay in our bodies, (we learn this on the yoga mat) we are at ease, at home. When we default to the ruminating mind, we are being made homeless by our minds.

Kundalini yoga explores the subtleties of our body layers; obviously, the physical, but unashamedly, the spiritual. Classes delve into the power of our intention, gratitude, and non-religious prayer because they are powerful manifestational tools for creating changes in our lives.

So, we bring the spiritual alongside how this yoga physically focuses on creating powerful healthy glandular activity in the body.

Many testimonials for my classes are on the YSY website.
Please email me to join a class in 2022 – I am waiting to welcome you to this yoga that is serving the times. Classes are mornings or evenings.