As my yoga journey and awareness of our connectivity with everything expands constantly – I now understand more in depth how we use our planet to support our human lives. We nourish our body from the plants we can grow as our food, I know that we are blessed to be born on into an environment whose soil and water access enables us to use these natural gifts for our health benefits.

I spoke with Serena at Reena Holistics in Bedale about plants and supplements. Serena attends my Kundalini yoga classes and we soon felt aligned over our combined interests of Kundalini yoga, plants and living in alignment with nature as much as is possible in this crazy world. Serena not only makes beautiful and useful herbal and plant tinctures to sell in her shop, she also buys in supplements from ethical manufacturers who don’t pack supplements with additives and bulking agents which can disturb our stomachs flora and fauna and create nausea and wind.

“Every leaf that grows will tell you: what you sow will bear fruit, so if you have any sense my friend, don’t plant anything but Love.”


I became fascinated by Serena’s knowledge and illuminating facts about commercial Pharma. It feels that so many of the supplements we default to buying on price or from fast delivery websites (we all know which one is our go-to..) means that we are silently ingesting more unhelpful ingredients alongside beneficial ones.

I took Serena’s advice and bought a Shilajit and Ashwaghanda supplement to encourage a smoother night’s sleep (at a certain age we often get broken night’s sleep) and I feel certain that taking this daily has contributed to a calmer nervous system within me.

“Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. The harvest can either be flowers or weeds.”

William Wordsworth

I have also found Serena’s lettuce tincture for sleep wonderful and recently – explored her Pine Needle tincture for detoxifying. I am proud to say that the pine needles were collected here at YogaSpace Yorkshire and that the rare Scots Pine tree (you can’t collect pine needles for tincture from any pine needle tree..) stands behind the stone horse head that you see from our yoga studio windows. How amazing is that.

Are you using plants to support your health? There is now an abundance of supplements we can support our regular diets with as we now know that our soil is depleted in nutrients and the soil is the first nourishing point for the plants we eat, to grow in.

And if you haven’t followed Sadhguru’s talks on his podcast I recommend you listen, as he has many short episodes on health and other great wellbeing topics and especially some on soil, to understand soil depletion and its importance for humans on this planet right now.

The Spiritual Pharmacy meet up will be on 14th June @6.30pm when we will group meditate and then discuss plants and well-being.