Until recently, yoga was more popular in the south of England than up here in the North. Now, this may only be my personal perception, but I’ve been asking myself why? What are the possible reasons that northerners haven’t found yoga as much as southerners? Two words that came to me was space and distance.

Let’s look at space and the hues of nature, in particular the colour green.

Northerners may be surrounded by more physical land ‘SPACE’ with instant access to this land. It does feel to me, that the UK population thins out as southern counties flow into northern ones, and clusters of dense populations centre mainly on urban conurbations leaving widespread small communities living in remote villages and hamlets. Fabulous if you are a dog owner.. you have more ability to reach green and scenic solitary walks close by you. Imagine how free and light you feel when you walk along a deserted beach or green hill top. Even driving on a car-free road brings about sudden joy at the idea that you own the road, can speed up or slow down at your own pace. It is often said that in yoga, we are seeking space and peace within ourselves and around us. Maybe this is ‘need-fulfilled’ for those living in wild open spaces like the Yorkshire moors and Northumberland and Scotland. It is also said that the colour green and other hues of nature are therapeutic and healing. I believe this is true.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Gita

Then there’s time. In London, and other major cities and towns, there is an abundance of yoga studios and classes. Yoga is now as popular as going to the gym.  Up north, attending a yoga lesson in a studio is more of a time commitment. We often have to drive to a class and by the time you’ve added on the journey there and back, to the hour or so’s lesson, and you can see that a yoga practice requires planning and commitment.

But – there is hope, and here at YogaSpace Yorkshire  we offer yoga classes to a very rural population who are used to driving miles to join in anything. It’s considered the norm to make a 20-mile round trip to a cinema, or dinner party, or supermarket. Don’t even mention our local hospital where A&E services are being clustered at a large teaching hospital in Middlesbrough which means that those living high up the Dales beyond Hawes, have 54-50 miles or more to travel.

The main thing is, yoga is here for you in our studio on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Yoga is beginning to touch the hearts of many all over the UK and more northern towns and cities are offering classes and teacher trainings. Yoga is the method that may help us all find the balance and space in ourselves, and a new joyous space in our hearts, and that is a special thing to happen. We look forward to welcoming you here.