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Join us on Wednesday 30th  December 2020  to Manifest Your Light with  Excellent Intention for our next 12 months (2021).

Email Emma to join this event – you will receive the information (and any need to cancel due to bad inclement weather) up to 2 days before the 30th Dec.

Turn your shadows into the brilliance of your alchemical gold. Light your source of clarity, purity, and resilience as your medicine

Using the activation of gong, ritual, and ceremony we peel away winter darkness ready to birth into our 2021 year of light.  Let us stir your life force, allow you to tap into the clarity of a pure heart. We will activate yoga sutra 11.43 – Living life with zeal and sincerity, the purifying flame is ignited, (Tapas), revealing the inner light. Read more on the blog here.

This event takes place 100%  outside Studio Ananda – around brazier fires. We will observe social distancing.  No ground-based yoga.  All welcome, except those pregnant.

Email for a place on the list: event notification will be sent the day before and please pay ON THE DAY exact money.

£20 (those who qualified for an early bird price of £18 –  if you bring a £20 note for an £18 ticket, I cannot give you change and your £2 will be an additional yogic donation/blessing.

time: 4.30pm- 6.30pm

Vegetarian refreshment + a hot Yogic tea.

£20- ticket -please bring exact money – ‘on the day’.

A spiritual pharmacy event @yogaspaceyorkshire

This event replaces our plans for a celebration of the Winter Solstice planned for 21st Dec 2020 – but this event will be AS POWERFUL.

The event is 100% outside (toilet facilities will be accessible!) for your safety.

You should prepare by dressing warmly, hat, coat, scarf and gloves, warm shoes, socks trousers. Personal Torch optional but a good idea.

Bring a waterproof cushion or camping stool to sit on, we will mostly be standing otherwise.

And….The FIRE will warm us – no one can build a brazier fire like Charles…x

Contact Emma by email to book your place.


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