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Friday 17th June 6.30 pm – 60 minutes

Join us at the gorgeous YogaSpace Yorkshire for an immersive conscious breath workshop. Your Sunday morning will be spent focusing on YOU. Prepare to feel invigorated and calm, energized and balanced, focused with a sense of clarity. What a wonderful Mother’s Day treat, for you or someone else?

 In this one-hour workshop, we’ll explore the connection between the brain and body using the power of breath. Start with a gentle breath awareness meditation to observe natural breathing habits and create a better understanding of why you breathe in particular patterns.
At this point, you’ll feel fully connected to create space for your body to breathe better through movement. Stretching, twisting, tapping and props will be used to understand and feel how your body moves when you breathe, and how breath can enhance your movement.
Once space has been created the conscious breathwork practice will begin. Various methods are used to up-regulate and down-regulate the nervous systems, experiencing different sensations through the body, whilst remaining in control. Teaching the body to cope with different breath patterns that you may experience in daily life.
The practice will end in this heavenly space with stillness and relaxation to feel balanced, connected, and ready to live life fully.

£20 per person

Booking is online here

You can pay by card.


Come in relaxed clothing, and bring your yoga mat and any cushion you may like to use. We can supply props if needed.


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