Kundalini Yoga – an introduction to practice.

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Anyone who is already attending classes is welcome to attend this workshop. Places booked on a first to book basis. 

Kundalini yoga is a technology yoga that creates your ability to change how you feel in a positive way.

This short workshop will introduce you to Emma’s YogaSpace Kundalini yoga classes with their gong relaxation. Emma will support your first (regular ) practice with more in-depth information about the profound effects of this dynamic yoga.   Come and learn how creating balance in your chakras and corresponding organs combines with the powerful technology of Kundalini yoga and the savasana Gong meditation at the end of class.

A yoga that allows you to go deeper into an experience of you.

Your first experience of a class may find you experiencing a new version of yourself -one that you wish to remain in relationship with or perhaps discard. A fleeting glimpse you may never wish to return if you can’t ‘pigeon hole’ the experience. And that’s fine. But, you may, in the stillness created between the postures, feel the settling of something more exquisite and subtle layer over and within you.

An awakening, a knowing, a longing, a moment of trust.  When you keep showing up for the journey, the yoga leads you deeper into a state of self-acceptance and stability so you can use its tools to shape your own destiny, and not be tossed rudderless, to navigate cruel oceans of fate.

Happiness is your birthright
Kundalini yoga is a technology to practice for the times we navigate; we harness techniques like breath, mantra, meditation, posture and movement into a powerful toolkit for both our physical and spiritual life.


This workshop is a stand-alone complete yoga practice. Come with an open mind, and even a friend.

‘Happiness is your birthright.’

Come and find out how you can receive it through this amazing yoga that lights not only your face up, but your whole life.

The workshop is suitable for all/beginners except those who are pregnant.

Email: emma@yogasapaceyorkshire.com  – to book  – or if you have prior questions.

Payment is by BACS to guarantee your place. You will be sent details when you request to book.


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