Sound Bath Altered Inner States via Sound

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Sound Baths at YogaSpace Yorkshire with Mike

Sunday 6th November @ 5pm

Friday 2nd December. @ 6.30pm

Mike writes

” A sense of peace, a sense of tranquillity. A feeling of deep relaxation, restoration and rebalance. This will be our goal through the therapeutic application of sound in our next group relaxation sound bath at Yogaspace Yorkshire.

We’ll begin with the warm, gently lulling, nurturing sounds of the Himalayan singing bowls, gradually building into the peaks, troughs, and more physical vibrations of the sun gong before the pure tones of the crystal bowls provide an emotionally expansive, tranquil space. Finally, percussion is used to encourage the listener back into a waking state.

The instruments will be used in a very specific way to induce an altered state of consciousness, to enter into a predominant brainwave state of alpha (a meditative, quietly flowing state of rest) and theta (a ‘twilight’, dream-like state associated with imagery, memory, and intuition) space where profound relaxation and healing is possible. Research has shown that time spent in these states can improve our well-being in a number of ways, including the dissolution or reduction of worrying thoughts and anxieties; reduced physical tension; reduced heart and breath rate, and a sense of calm, lightness, and peace.”

Please bring any favorite comfort props (a cushion for your head?) to use – you will be lying on a studio floor for 60 minutes. We do have studio props we use too.

Gong therapy is not suitable for anyone pregnant.
You can buy a ticket by selecting the relevant date on the calendar. Link below.

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