A sign of the times we live in, is our need to self-regulate. This means cooling down our stress response in the body, allowing recuperative and restorative time, combined with moving the body in a beneficial way to encourage release of stored emotions and toxins.

A retreat weekend aims to provide the restful being your heart longs for. The aim of a wellbeing yoga retreat that I provide, is to reset your stress system and allow your body to feel what it is like to abide in a supportive nervous system that encourages space and a sense of wellbeing within you over, induced through carefully curated yoga classes and nourishing balanced meals.

Pressing the stop button, taking that sacred pause over your weekend retreat rewards you by enabling you to press go again on your life with more resilience, joy, creativity and purpose. I aim to inspire and uplift your possibilities so that you feel more ‘limitless’.

Weekends spark joy where you were jaded, cultivate a fresher sense of creativity if you are a writer or artist, and if you are working in health, finance, or any corporate setting you are giving yourself a chance to recalibrate and assess and have valuable private inner time. What a complete treat to be served nourishing meals shared around a table with a tribe of folks seeking the same inner peace and rest as yourself and, they come from such interesting areas of life that you create new connections or ideas, even opportunities.

If you long to press pause on your routine and release yourself from the merry-go round of your phone, your to-do list, our never-sleeping digital age, perhaps you have landed at the realisation that ‘your health is actually your true wealth’?


If there is any myth about yoga retreat weekends and who could or might join them – let me dispel this immediately. When you join a kundalini yoga retreat with me, Emma, at beautiful Patrick Brompton Hall, our former family home now opened up for YogaSpace Yorkshire, provided you don’t need a chair to do yoga, you can do the yoga! We don’t need pin-thin bodies or particularly bendy one, or require that you dress in tight lycra leggings if that is not your style. Kundalini yoga teachers wear loose white clothing, often linen trousers and loose white tunic/shirts. We are concerned with the interior castle within your body than how you ‘externally look.’

If you have a large chest or derriere, the yoga is fine too. Kundalini yoga is such an amazing adaptable yoga that allows you to choose adaptations of posture, find your pace, build your own stamina and strength and, best of all, reap the hormonal and lymphatic benefits. Oh, and above all the body benefits, you will create a new relationship with your own breath, learn to settle the mind, and, enjoy sound therapy with Emma’s wonderful gong healing.

I once saw a yoga retreat that stated that there was a certain level of postures or fitness required in order to attend. You should be able to do 5 sun salutations in a row. That would put me off attending. Even though I can do them!

Becki – rereat guest

You don’t need to arrange flights and airport transfers, (I read this week that prices have rocketed for flights – so cut that aspect from your financial commitment for yourself) as our UK yoga retreat can make you feel you’ve truly escaped and got away from it all. A weekend is the short reboot the human system loves and that is exactly how we design these 48 hour weekends.
Start time: 4pm Friday arrival
End time: 2pm Sunday departures from
We have single and shared accommodation and prices vary and early bird prices start from £465pp and that includes everything

All the details of the dates below and prices are on the website here.

25th – 26th March 2023 – a shorter one-night, two-day yoga retreat – however you CAN arrive on Friday eve if this helps your travel plans.
Theme: Spring Forward working with the Spring Equinox energy reboot of your human software.

12th -14th May 2023 – Theme: Walk with confidence – A yoga retreat where we also go on a special Yorkshire Dales walk on the Saturday and release any ‘blocks and resistance’ in our lives.

23-25th June 2023– Theme: Midyear reset using fiery Summer Solstice energy.
On this yoga retreat we include a very special Cacao ceremony (outside if possible) and a drumming session (drums provided.)

6-8th 2023 October –Theme: Reflection and Renewal for the final quarter of your 2023 year. The weekend includes an outing to our private stretch of the River Tees for a camp fire and the option to cold water swim/dip.