Exploring the Number 5 – and how it may manifest in 2023 (a 5 year).

First, why is 2023 a number 5 year? Because the digits 2+3=5.

Kundalini yoga numerology works with our Ten Spiritual Bodies and the Fifth Spiritual body out of these ten, is the Physical Body. Our Body is the bridge to understanding our place, purpose (and/or mission) for our experience in this life-time. Every life time, (we have many and by the time we are experiencing this one now, we’ve been here many times before usually in a lesser-consciousness incarnation) allows our eternal soul that will never cease existence, to experience the lessons on Earth’s school room that allow us soul growth.

Ultimately, the Physical No 5 body, is a vibrating musical instrument we play with our lifestyle and habits and is aligned with out 10th Radiant body and sacrifice is part of Number 5. We won’t see our radiance perhaps unless we make a sacred sacrifice so that our radiant body and our arc line can be more luminous. .


The year of 2023 is allowing us massive soul growth. Many previously accepted and considered stable ways for how we live are crumbling, dissolving, melting, as we are being driven through solar-powered awakening driven partly by our need to save our planet, manage our minds, nourish our people.

Working with the No.5 physical body is how we manage change. We have come through many ages, (stone, ice, nature, animal, human) and each age tends to birth a wisdom teacher with a relevant message for that time. Think of Jesus, Buddha, to name two well known, but, we are in the Age of Aquarius (we left Pisces age around 2012 but exact times vary in sources) and we are now in this age of Air, which is also more about ideas, technological advances (think how the internet has flourished) and yet, this means we are in the head a lot. The control tower of our head. The internet has also allowed us to birth to the listening/viewing public, many more teachers than in past ages. Anyone can be a teacher, and the importance is finding the right teacher to resonate with you. We are considered blessed to meet a teacher during any lifetime. If you feel you have met yours, treasure this.

The mantra SA TA NA MA balances all 5 elements in the body and is a great mantra as life feels fulfilled when we are working in harmony with all the elements.


To share a personal aspect, I have the number 5 Physical body, as my life path in my personal number reading. This reading is taken from your birthday and allows us to work with insights into our life path (our soul purpose that is our Dharmic action) and our gifts, seed to plant, our karma work in this lifetime, and more. This is not fortune telling or a digitised process (put your birthday into a computer algorithm and see what the numbers spew out for you and everyone born on the dame day…yes there are these available to buy out there) but works with a refined human interpretation about the universe, numbers and you. Your birthday can show you whole- hearted, soulful action, that you can choose, or not choose to take, which delivers you into the lap of your own destiny. Kundalini numerology has its roots in Spirituality.
If Numerology study is the science of numbers through life and life through numbers, involving the study of essences, or the deep nature of things, then Kundalini numerology explores features of the world that share a similar essence and takes great care to understand what (ten) essences of the world can be associated with (ten) particular numbers.
Note that numbers are not in and of themselves light or dark. Rather, each number has its different manifestations and as the world is polarities, we do have a shadow/opposing side to the preferred side of a number.


We are in the realms of the Physical body – and the throat chakra, fifth chakra

Back to Number 5! – and 2023.
We are in the realms of the Physical body – and the throat chakra, fifth chakra. Our word is our wand, our word is our mantra, our word is teachings, empowering, vibrationally elevating, authentic. Our word can be our weapon, disrupt, spread low vibration etc. How we speak to ourselves (our inner voice dissing ourself) is an example of the 5th body being out of balance. The Physical Body also needs balance and we can get disconnected from ourselves through time and space and forget who we are and what our needs are. Our body carries our soul and our soul is carried always with the subtle body. The physical body is how we hear our subtle body, our subtleties. The Physical body is the realm of our fulfilment, education and lessons, it is aligned with ether (our words in the air) and as the centre of our experience – we experience life through the grounding of being in the physical matter of a body, it is always in the process of change.

From September 2023 I will be offering persona number readings – please contact me.
May 2023