What is Kundalini yoga like?

Kundalini yoga is characterized by movement with the breath. Yes, there are times we hold poses during a class, but more often we are ‘doing a repetitive movement’ accompanied by breathing using Breath of Fire or Long Slow Deep Breathing. Our bodily movement works on our lymphatic system to create how our yoga helps us drain and tone.

A yogi resides in their body with intuitive ease

The breath works our pranic body and helps release toxins, works on our circulation, deepening lung capacity, and in Kundalini yoga, we work on our spines. Through movement, we release the ashes of emotions stored in our bodies.  We eliminate to illuminate a higher vibration so our spirit and sun energy can fully shine.

We pay great attention to our spines.  

We are the age of our spines.  We are the awareness of our spines. We depend on the fluid in our spine to rise up and feed cerebral fluid. We need a strong backbone in our lives and so we lean on the spine, trust our spine, support our spine. Our spine holds all the messages of our central nervous systems.  It is the divine river within us.

We are yoga for all bodies. Bendy or otherwise.  

 We demonstrate your posture, model it out so you can find your way.   Kundalini yoga teachers are trained not to touch you like Hatha yoga or other disciplines. We know you will find the way your body can do something for 2-3 minutes.  When we allow you to trust yourself and turn your gaze inwards you build trust with the self.   You learn to be embodied, aware, tuned in deeply, to the divine miracle that is You in you. You learn the art of regulation, to change how you feel after a bad day. Or a good day.  You are on the mat, with you. You are yourself during the posture, you can experience a different version of yourself between your postures.  Right there in that present, you are so very very much yourself. In the depths of your heart, there is a peace found in a way you can’t explain but know is the state of being you that you want to repeat.  You are being yourself.

You know everyone else is taken. You have to be you.  Allow Kundalini yoga to help you have this acceptance, make the ‘you’ bearable. Lose attachment to the suffering of wanting any less than you.

The secret power of Yoga
The power of Kundalini yoga lies in the unraveling of your sacred experience on the mat. Many leave a Kundalini class knowing they have found (at last) the practice that most fully unites them, in mind, body, and spirit, Expect the unexpected every time you practice. It is a roadmap for life and the role of a teacher is to leads you to the door and you give yourself permission to  ‘go through.’

Kundalini yoga classes are on Zoom during lockdowns.
Mondays 6.30 pm
Wednesdays 6 pm
75 minutes
email: emmaropnerclasses@yogaspaceyorkshire.com

My business is not to remake myself, but make the absolute best of what God made.

Robert Browning

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance

Oscar Wilde