Why Kundalini Yoga is the yoga for how we can help manage our 21st century digital mental and emotional lives. 

Anyone can join (except those pregnant) and create the transformation within themselves – harnessing the inner energy you possess.

Kundalini yoga is always about a series of classes to allow for your TRANSFORMATION.

Why do so many enjoy Emma Ropner’s classes? Why Kundalini Yoga?

My classes are unique – every one is a mini-workshop where we create to become, the change in ourselves we want to be. I am a certified teacher with the largest certifying regulatory body for Kundalini Yoga, the KRI and also a member of Yoga Alliance. I trained with the Karam Kriya School in London and their Ashram in Portugal.

I also have many other yoga trainings which allow me to embody, and utilize a greater esoteric wisdom that I bring to my classes. I teach the main traditions of Kundalini yoga but my trainings in breathwork, cancer and the menopause, yin yoga, architectural posture and for children all filter into my teaching. I am a perpetual student seeking to grow myself, and my class students are offered wisdoms and teachings from the breath of my senior yoga teacher experience. However, I aspire to remain humble and working with gratitude at all times. When the teacher is ready the students appear. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I hope this will be the case when I meet you.

General overview about my classes.

We are breathing in a body, yet living in our souls. My classes honour the eastern aim for yoga; to find that inner peace and true self, that you were born to be during this lifetime.

Dharma/Philosophical/Esoteric/Body Wisdom – talk at start of any class with Emma 

We practice posture harnessing our flesh with our own breath (breathwork) yet, kundalini yoga is so much more powerful than a yoga class that delivers you posture instruction. We have one foot in our human life and one foot in our divine indwelling whilst on the yoga mat. Our yoga mat is our personal safe space for 75 minutes where you are on the altar of your own altering. A yoga class can radically change how you feel and your self-compassion and self-acceptance for who you are, you can be, during your one wild and precious ‘this lifetime.’

Emma’s classes explore an aspect of our Dharma – Dharma is our inner wisdom or our subtle alliance with ancient wisdom guidance that can flow through us when we are able to manifest our joy out into the world. The term ‘follow your bliss’ seems trite – but it will lead you home to your true nature. There are times in life when the teacher leads you to the door and you can go through it. Emma’s short introductions to her classes are illuminating about the body, how the mind works, the organs of the body, the ancient wisdoms of our self and our connection with Earth. Yoga is not about placing your foot in the right position by a millimetre and if you merely want to tone your body and have this focus only, choose a posture-only yoga or work out on the pilates mat. Kundalini yoga gives you a strong toned body and tuned up glandular system, healthy lungs and more, yet this is a by-product and your brilliance as an individual, your inner peace and your purpose to be here this lifetime, are what births when you practice Kundalini yoga.

How does Kundalini yoga transformation happen or work?

We work with your own inner energy, learning to listen to feelings within the body that are reporting to us, messages we often choose to ignore, thus stifling change for ourselves. So often, the potency of who we are lies dormant until our movement medicine awakens this sleeping serpent at the base of our spine (the kundalini fire energy for the human) and once we stir our own personal fire of potency and magic, we are launched into the quantum field of possibilities. Suddenly life begins to open up, our creativity as a writer or artist flourishes, opportunities in our life walk our way.

What can you expect during a class?

You can expect the unexpected as Emma’s classes are unique every time. Emma chooses the most appropriate series to deliver to her students, relating with the seasons, the planets, the universal consciousness or the collective consciousness.  Through a specific series of postures and breaths and chants, we eat create endorphins and seratonin to eat up our stress hormones and create a newer fresher version of ourselves to take home after class. The class follows a set pattern, and always ends with a gong bath. You will get used to the routine and love it!

I’m not bendy, I am middle aged, I am menopausal or pre or post-menopausal, I am in my seventies. I am a beginner. Are these classes for me?

Emma Ropner always allows you to work with your own body strengths and limitations in an experiential moving fluid way and sit/lie back after posture for rest that allows your physical experience to assimilate into your hormonal flow. Over time, your helpful nervous system dominates over your unhelpful nervous system as neural pathways are re-wired in your brain patterns. Rests to beautiful music that heals the brain are a feature of classes

I’m new to breathwork and mantra and I am a bit self-conscious, making me nervous about chanting and breathing in a class?

Breath: Kundalini yoga is unique in that we practice various breathworks whilst doing postures and have standalone breath sequences.

We know it is important to teach you about your amazing power in your breath and lungs. How we breathe is how we experience our life. We learn to ‘breathe to believe’.
You will learn various breath techniques that support our challenged nervous systems and activate glands for intuition and health. Glands are the guardian of our health. Kundalini yoga classes with Emma Ropner stimulate the glands so that they ‘text each other’ and this communication is how our body becomes healthier.

Kriya: We practice kriyas which are a series of specific movements with breath, and the kriya is designed to have a specific outcome for the glandular body or create an embodiment of an intention, personal, or set by the teacher. Kriyas purify our emotions and we move from tension pressure stress and friction on the mat to joy, ease, knowing, and ultimately, our liberation.

Posture: We practice repetitions of each movement against the backdrop of the most beautiful music to embody and push this experience deep into our precious body glove. We will move and breathe gracefully into various shapes and postures (asanas) that incorporate angles and triangles or feel like moving meditations to music. You can do them – Emma Ropner teaches all ages and is a mid-life aged yoga teacher. So yes you can!

Rests Between Postures:  As mentioned above, we rest between most postures to allow our bodies to absorb the beneficial hormonal effect. The gift in Kundalini yoga is actually  BETWEEN postures in the lying down rests/mini savasana. Only then can our bodies receive the hormonal changes and reset the nervous systems and brain pathways.

Mantra: you will chant mantras that create percussion on the roof of your mouth to activate important master glands that drive your body health. Where Mantra is not being chanted out loud, Mantra is often mentally said or heard musically, whilst we do the posture. Chanting activates glands and is a powerful healing tool for the brain and throat chakra.Emma Ropner teachers students to LOVE mantra and feel the benefits. Students say they find their voice, open their throat chakras, often lost years ago to the crushing by the patriarchal systems we have lived with for so long where a woman’s voice is less important than a man’s.

Music: Kundalini yoga has special yoga music that creates an ambient effect for your nervous system and exhausted mind. Music is a powerful tool for your change. We may also chant in a meditative movement or meditation at the end.

Meditation: Kundalini yoga has rather special meditations. We demystify meditation in our yoga, you may not realise you are. Kundalini yoga meditations allow you to explore being still and going deep within through mantra, whisper, music, breath, or movement. We might do one within the class kriya, or at the end of the class before the gong relaxation, or both.

Gong: We are the only yoga that plays a special yoga gong, usually planetary, as the relaxation music as the gong is able to reset and align the energy centers in the human body and completes the healing process of the kriya for you. Emma Ropner is a certified gong player and pays either her 38inch Earth Gong or her 32inch Chiron gong. To best describe this experience join a class!

Our Bodies Carry Us In Our Lives

You are conscious of this world by means of your body – it is your only way to know you ‘belong’ for your body houses your unique spirit and soul. When we stay in our bodies, (we learn this on the yoga mat) we are at ease, at home. When we default to the ruminating mind, we are being made homeless by our minds.

Kundalini yoga explores the subtleties of our body layers; obviously, the physical, but unashamedly, the spiritual. Classes delve into the power of our intention, gratitude, and non-religious prayer because they are powerful manifestational tools for creating changes in our lives.

So, we bring the spiritual alongside how this yoga physically focuses on creating powerful healthy glandular activity in the body.

Many testimonials for my classes are on the YSY website or my FB page.
Please email me to join a class in 2023 – I am waiting to welcome you to this yoga that is serving the times.

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