Did you know that Kundalini Yoga explores numerology as part of their yoga philosophy – we often explore astrology and it’s relation to our yoga practice, I will write more on astrology and Kundalini yoga in a later blog.

Where are we heading (interpreting numbers) during 2021? Numbers have a primary intelligence and influence a particular year.


The numbers of the New Year 2021 add up to a 3 and a 5
2+1(21)=3 – has 1 and 3 in this number so the total year number added = 2021=5
We can see the 1 as the treasure for this year and 3 as the gift. 5 is our overall invitation for deep learning this year.

1= The Soul – I am – What am I?
3 = The Positive Mind – Why am I? Why do I do what I do?
5 = The Physical Body – Who am I? What is my Identity?

Looking at the number 1 – the soul body, your unique soul, it is attached in 2021 to a number 2 making it active in the realm of the 3rd physical body, the positive mind. This year we are called to connect with our own essence so that you are you, and the other person is their self, yet, when we feel true within ‘our own essence’ we can ‘recognize the other in ourselves’ which is how we move from separation from others, to connection. We have solidarity with all souls. We are all in 2021 and the struggles, joy, and learning, together. We can assist any feelings of isolation by knowing all souls are one with God.

The no 3 – as already mentioned, is the positive mind in the ten spiritual bodies. This helps us say yes.
What are you saying yes to? You might check in with this question, note what you align with, and what principles you have chosen for 2021. What will you affirm through your actions this year?

But above all, no 5 is the most important number of the year 2021 – as the number of change for this year, the number 5 also holds the virtue of sacrifice and balance. No 5 can see us as ‘students’ of life. Our application of our learning through living experience.

The 5 also represent the 5 stages of a flower
1. Seed planted
2. Water seed = roots
3. Branches
4. Flowers
5. Fruit

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across waters to create many ripples.

Mother Teresa

If 2020 was the year of the Four (4 ) – see 2+0+2+0=4 – despite its many polarizations and splits, tension and stress, this was also the year of the heart. We had to stay at home to be in the ‘bud’ stage. 2020 saw us gather inwards, it can be seen as our ‘transition year’ to consolidate what your individuality meant to you and what you want to come forth to flower. 2020 taught us that everything must change. But how?

2021 – the year of no 5 – this is the year for us to fully open and flower as we stand on the threshold. We are not in (2020) but now out in the world (2021).

The no 5 represents our 5th body in Kundalini yoga – our physical body and our 5th chakra (throat, voice, your words, spoken or written). We are physical beings, we all have ‘bodies’ and the no 5 represent the 5 elements, the 5 senses, and the 5 pairs of organs our body thrives on.

The no 5-year is a Bridge Year – through our bodies and especially our throat chakra, we can create change. The 5th chakra here is vital to the change process. We have two breaths within us; the autonomic breath that we breathe without much notice, and the purposeful meditative breath, when we breathe consciously – that connects us with the Divine. But we not only have the breath that circulates down this chakra, but we also have our words. The power of the word – the Naad, the vibrational sound we generate from our throats. It is said that ‘words make worlds’. One only has to think of news and social media, their immense power, to know that words create fear or can be used to control or coerce.

Transformation during 2021

To summarize: words and mantra have the power to transform – and clear your way forward. Mantra has the power to clear words you spoke that you regretted, give you the courage to speak your truth words, and mantra chanting has an impact on your vibrational frequency. It elevates you and helps you ‘become’.

It’s our own thoughts that hold the key to miraculous transformation.

Marianne Williamson

2021 is our year to create harmony and Balance for your inner personal world: body, diet exercise, and rest will help you be a no 5 bridge for serving and surviving the outer impersonal world: our engagement in the world socially, physically, energetically.

Building bridges

It is a good year to notice where you cross the line, swing or oscillate, needs to be healthier.
If you are getting older, the body does not tolerate extremes as well as our younger years, now is a good time to explore the middle ground.

2021 is a great year to explore the challenge of your conscious communication. We need conscious communication more than ever, to confront the media. What do you believe? How do you see the information?
What are you communicating yourself through your lifestyle? Your habits? The year ahead is going to shake us up – stoke fears so we must be aware of what we do with our physical body.

2021 is a great year to take ownership of your own affirmations and stand in your own position so you can counteract how manipulated our lives have become by technology, in particular, social media and the mainstream media news.
2021 is a great year to build a strong and stable self inside you. You do not need the ‘OTHER’ to affirm you this year. It is YOU WITHIN YOU – your big challenge – take this affirmation onto the yoga mat, and create change for yourself and the collective mind.

Your Altar to your ‘altering’ is you within you. The altar serves you to hear finally really what is going on in you. Your baggage can be turned to Gold in your own heart. The dark coal will go under the pressure of your own brutal honesty and turn to diamond.

And so be it.

The macrocosm starts within each of us. Compassion for all sentient beings. It is a year we have to do inner work on ourselves.
It is you within you who needs to say it, hear it, and come to rest. Bring your being and your intentions and your transformation to the Altar of the year and rise up beautiful people.