The Sacral (2nd) chakra – our gatekeeper for physical health and emotional well-being. “I FEEL”

The sacral chakra also called Svadhisthana – is the second of your seven chakras starting from the base of the body. You might describe this chakra as ‘your own sweet abode’. If your energies move here, you are a pleasure seeker seeking a more intense experience in life than merely sleep and food as one might focus on if one lives solely in the first chakra. So how you create your own ‘house or home in your body’ is how your life may play out for you and our chakras reveal for us, our personal lifestyle choices.
This chakra is located in the centre of the pelvis above your root chakra (read a previous blog about the root chakra.)

Ruled by the water element, it controls our ‘motion and emotion’. The word sacral is linked to the sacrum – literally meaning sacred. So, this sweet abode is our ‘sacred house’. If we want to live in balance, in harmony not dis-ease, then the key to this chakra is balance; in how you eat, live, work, play and rest. It is also very much about knowing the message ‘who you are and what you do are enough’. This chakra needs the balance between control and let go.

This chakra carries archetypes. You may be the Emperor/Empress who know they deserve to feel good about life. The flip side (there is always a flip side…) is you may be the martyr. These people feel cheated out of goodness of life, punish themselves in denial of comforts they crave, and feeling full of guilt, project all this onto others.

The chakras are very intelligent. They are like the software of the whole computer body. Reset your human body. The body is the vehicle, consciousness the driver, yoga is the path, the chakras are your map..

The second chakra is associated with sex organs, bladder uterus, prostate. When problems afflict these organs, we can work on our second chakra as a natural helper to their better health.

The medicine to keep this chakra nourished is to live a good lifestyle; eat healthy food and take exercise. Otherwise your sacred house will become depleted of vital energy and drain all other 6 chakras for what it needs, throwing you out of balance. The mythological animal associated with this chakra is the hungry sea monster waiting to be fed. Say no more.

The underlying theme of the Sacral chakra is ’knowing what is enough.’ Do we dissipate our energy by giving it away to people and situations that are not pleasurable? Those who give out constantly for others when they’d rather not, or live for others approval, will soon find their healthy balance is compromised.

If you do fall ill, your first step back to full health is to nourish this chakra as no one can recuperate without a balanced outlook. Know who you are, and set a boundary when someone does not respect or acknowledge you for who you are.

The second chakra has a strong connection with the mental body. It harbours attitudes, (some perhaps attributed to generational karma), about money, health, deservedness and pleasure. Harsh ideas about any of these may cause you to suffer deprivation and eventually ‘dis-ease.’

The sacral chakra shows up how we manage our ‘gross physical body.’ If we do not move and exercise to move stuck energy – the ‘issues in our tissues’ gather, congest. If we keep our physical body ‘vital’ we will keep energetic well into our senior years.

We can learn a soul lesson from our sacral chakra needs. It can open us up to abundance and pleasure and wellbeing but if we deny ourselves a sense of this through negativity and lack of gratitude for the simple pleasures in life, we will have a limited experience of existence. The more we can honestly ‘know thyself’ the more we can be our ‘own person.’ This is particularly helpful right now with the Corona Virus when we are at the mercy of the media and collective fear.

So, try and nourish yourselves, through the known well-being channels of movement, right actions, decent food, an attitude of gratitude and knowing when enough is enough. The mantra/affirmation you might say for this chakra is:

“I encourage healing each time I affirm my worth and honour my choices for love”

“Goodness beauty and joy resonate in my soul”

So why not accept your need for pleasure, movement, good lifestyle choices for your body and soul, honouring yourself in order to become receptive and receive. As the famous beauty brand slogan boasts: ‘Because you’re worth it,’ they may be right slogan.

You are perfect as you are.

Sacral Chakra short facts
Colour: orange, subconsciously represents appetite or stimulus for food sex joy and passion
Sensory experience – taste
Physical activities – Yoga dance walking swimming. For example: how we do kundalini yoga affects our relationship with our emotional body.
Spiritual activities – meditation, celibacy &fasting (tough ones.)
Plant: Jasmine
Metal: tin
Element: water
Musical Note: D – the note of the YogaSpace Yorkshire Chiron healing gong.
Crystal: Tiger Eye, Onyx, Cornelian
Astrological associations: Cancer and Scorpio and in the solar system, Jupiter
Intelligence: Sensation and Pleasure
Soul Lesson: peace and wisdom
Shape: imagine a large orange pyramid in your lower abdomen