Teaching online – it works!

The yoga mat is our window of tolerance.

We live in a chaotic, noisy world of family life, offices, busy roads, audible and visible technology, and constant chipping at our hearing and visual senses. We crave some feeling of connection, both within ourselves, with others, and to the greater energies of the universe.  Our yoga mat can become this portal to the ‘now; to be so present in ourselves as we ’embody’ and become at ease within ourselves  via the landscapes of what we sense lies within us, and this literally allows us to re-member who we are. We put ourselves back together on the yoga mat. Now, that is one hell of a gift to experience. Almost priceless, in a world where we seek outside the rooms of our house, our bodies. We live in a world where we leave our bodies and zoom off into the spaceships of screens, fears, mind chatter, the pain of our past and the fear of our future.

Kundalini yoga works on the body at a cellular level. We create lasting changes in our blood chemistry that erase held memories of traumas and upsets and we create new neural pathways when we do postures that work on our brain’s neural plasticity.  Kundalini yoga works very actively with the power of our Pranic life force; our breath, whilst we do movement or meditation. We also use the power of intention – to activate the self. We use mantra – either said or sung, and often we listen to mantra sung for us, whilst moving. Mantra allows the mind to rest.

Kundalini yoga ignites our personal power centres – the navel point and the solar plexus. These are both areas of transformation in the human body. Once we activate our solar plexus through Breath of Fire and posture and stir up our (sometimes a bit sleepy) spinal energy that helps make all the creative joyful aspects ‘known’ in our lives, we begin to feel potent, and unbounded, limitless, full of vast potential as endless as the skies above us.

I believe that to be fully human beings we now live in times transitioning to be about the survival of the fittest, but the survival of the nurtured.


If you are interested in growing more aware of yourself and how you move through your life, Kundalini yoga will deepen your life experiences, you start to understand yourself,  and you become in tune with your unique purpose in life.

Did you think ‘I need to do yoga because everyone says it is good for body strength and flexibility?’ That may have. been the start point to get you to the mat, Often it can be for these reasons;  a hurt, a trauma, a loss, a time of transition in your age/life.  The important fact is that you have shown up at the yoga mat and so you can start the process where you merge with the practice, you become your whole self again, as your yoga becomes more about your relationship with yourself and with others, and even your place in the universal and collective patterns of life.

You wake up one day and find you have lost that sense of separateness, you now feel balanced and centred and you feel connected with body, breath, and with others. Yet, you have also subtly improved your bodily strength and flexibility.

What to expect – can I do Kundalini yoga? Yes, all ‘bodies’ can. 

We do not focus on hands-on adjustments, we cultivate your ability to find your expansion and limits through the yoga asana and postures ‘working through you’ – in the right way for you. We do not ‘force’ you into poses – perhaps you had this experience in previous yoga classes that drew you to the conclusion that ‘ yoga is not for me, I’m not bendy enough.’  You ARE enough and Kundalini yoga brings inclusivity to yoga practice.

Our bodies know that we belong, it is our minds that make us homeless.


Kundalini yoga with breath, mantra, and meditation tools.

Recent virus times have created changes, but it’s not merely about the pandemic; feedback from Zoom students also reminds me that in winter we can practice our yoga without travel when it is dark, wet, or cold. We can feel safe in our own ‘Zoom rooms’ – warm, and protected,  a cocoon of self-care much needed to support our nervous systems.

My online yoga studio is accessible via Zoom on Mondays at 6.3opm and Thursdays at 6 pm – both classes are 75 minutes.

Classes are suitable for all adults,  except those who are pregnant. Adaptions are made. You can read more under the Kundalini class page tab.

See you in the Zoom/YSYS studio – when you are ready…buy your class attendance in the YSY Whole Self Hub.

There is a Yogic sutra that says

‘When the time is upon you, start, and the pressure is off’
Wahe guru lovely ones.

Testimonials from yogis who attend

‘I have found the breathing focus has had such a beneficial effect on my stress these last few weeks.” J

‘Amazing class this evening. Thank you. Uplifting and grounding all at once. Soul soothing and Zoom polished. See you next week.’  A

‘Thank you for a great class this evening Emma, it always seems to be just what is needed. Wonderful.’ J

‘Thank you for the class Emma, your teaching is masterful.’ S

‘Thank you so much, Emma, it was wonderful to see you and hear your peaceful supportive voice/teachings.’ C

The gong is not played in zoom classes but the zoom class is the same in every other way.