Hail the Summer solstice for 2020 – a welcome lightness after the longest three months.

2020 has been a challenging year so far, and anyone’s reflection on the past 6 months would rightly focus mainly on the past three when our everyday assumptions, routines, traditions, practices and social lives were packed inside four walls and a door whilst we supported the national effort to cull this virus to a manageable level.

How can we use the Solstice 2020 to create change?

But this year the 2020, Summer Solstice has more amplification and energetic power for us than ever before. We have had events and crisis brought to surface and to our personal attention in forceful ways.  This seems to be no coincidence but ‘needed’. This year we must bring to the surface what needs clearing and cleaning in our own lives.  We must harness the our power of faith more than ever to allow our new energies to surface.  Only then, can we can journey as a healing community back out into our wounded world.

Infinity, birth, death, rebirth, the journey we can make

It is the most energetic day in the earth’s calendar, and we, as humans, can co-create with the freely given energy from the ground beneath our feet (earth) and the free power of the Sun (above, Vitamin D and high vibration rays) to restore and renew our physical and spiritual energies after months in our lockdown cages. It is a weekend yogis in particular, endeavor to be outside for all these reasons.

Attention energises, Intention transforms. All yourself this Solstice to clarify and create your heart’s desires: beauty, love, prosperity, joy, surrender them to the silence, allow the universe to look after the details from this Solstice forward.

Toss your dreams into the vast ocean of consciousness

Tell me about the energies at play during the Solstice?

The Solstice lands in the Uk at 10.40pm on Saturday evening (20th June) and the Solar Eclipse occurs on the Sunday (21 June) – the actual longest day. The Sunday eclipse, where the moon passes between the earth and the sun and blocks the sun creating shadow and darkness, is the complete opposite of the previous Saturday energies of lightest and longest of days.

But as the Moon represents female energy and the Sun represents male energy, when these meet during the eclipse, we have a unification point, the completeness of two circles that create harmony and reflect unification of the energies that the human body contains. We are all a combination of male and female (wo-man) and Moon and Sun, yin and yang. We have these cosmic energies residing at the base of our spine that practices like Kundalini help us wake them up to literally light up our personal creative worlds. Humans are a microcosm of the greater macrocosm. We may even be hosts for the Corona virus for becoming a human collective of low-vibration consciousness that has made this planet so sick – seen when we look at recent world events.

Create your personal change

Returning to the Summer Solstice and the Eclipse, this is the time to create personal change – to use the past three months to move from small ‘me’ to big planetary ‘we’, through permission to create change.

This Solstice and Eclipse and going forward, I behold the abundance that surrounds me.>Summer Solstice is the time to immerse yourself in nature, be close to all that is natural, breathing, green.

The holy trinity, symbolic power of 3.

1. What we need to let go off. 2. What we can manifest and create this Solstice and to carry forward for the remaining six months ahead. 3. Bringing fear, doubt and shadow thoughts into the light to heal and prevent them from hijacking our future energy growth channels.

Step outside into Nature this weekend and be there as much as you can over the eclipse and the Solstice.

The power of 3 – and, why not take up pen and paper and write down your deepest dreams and desires to take up/manifest for personal and universal change?

Follow that by writing down your deepest desires to ‘ let go of what holds you back. What (or who?) has drained your personal energy? This is the very weekend to step away from aspects of your lives that you know in your heart, do not serve you well.

Write down your fears, anything that may hold you back from your desires and dreams for change. If you can acknowledge these, (bring them into the Solstice light) it starts the change for a lighter braver ‘Coeur’ (heart in French) to give you courage. Light burns out darkness. Think of the power of a candle that dispels darkness.

Create a personal ritual somewhere outside that has meaning for you which involves a fire ceremony. If you can’t build a small fire for the release of these writings, burn them with a lit match and be sure to watch both paper and match completely extinguish.

The Solstice is our Turning Point.

We have only to trust in some force higher than ‘ourselves’ – to ask, and it will be given. We may not see our gifts until we have released some of our shadows/clouded thoughts. When we allow ourselves stillness, time, ritual and intention, we can be amazing, brilliant, re-invent ourselves, and move forward and huge forces for good.

Creation begins with thoughts. All thoughts move to words. Words are fulfilled in deeds (and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us) but the whole process must include belief or knowing. Gut-level clarity. Thankfulness in advance. All masters know in advance that the deed has been done.

Let’s do it.

This Summer Solstice weekend, harness your correct prayer: gratitude.  When you thank your God in advance for your heart’s deepest desires,  you are in effect are acknowledging it is already there for you. For God knows what you know, and what you know, appears in your reality.