The M word terrorizes many and these years are approached with media-driven dread. Let’s demystify this with an exploration. Every woman has a unique experience and there is so much we can do to navigate these times.
Let’s do this with joy and positivity. Why do we have to fear these years because the media (and perhaps some of our peers/friends/relatives) influence we listen to?

As a yoga teacher I believe that we can use breath, stretch and short meditations along with other ‘little helpers’ like adaptogens and foods known to support the glandular health of a woman, to feel our very best, during midlife.

The mid-life years for a woman are transitional, but they don’t have to be an ordeal; we can begin with a mindset that says ‘I’m so lucky and grateful now that..’ and list/journal all the good things that mid-life can bring.
Do we have more personal time now our family is able to take care of themselves more/have even left home?
Are we working part-time or considering leaving a long-held job so that we can start our own business? I know many yoga teachers and life coaches that say that starting your own business at the age of 50 and beyond can be the best time to do so.

“Menopause. A pause while you reconsider men.”

Margaret Atwood, Author #humour

This can be because we become more centered and confident in our mid-life. We have seen enough of life to cut through the dross, have the courage and confidence to know what we can let go, the people, habits, lifestyle, that no longer serves us.
If you say, ‘But I don’t know if I am able to activate this ‘knowing discernment’ – the other name for intuition, in my life despite being of a certain age, then take heart, take ‘Coeur’ age (Coeur is French for ‘heart’) that you can learn to listen to your intuition and read yourself.
A Kundalini yoga teacher is trained to teach you how to build trust in yourself.

We will gather and workshop the topic – bring your notebook and pen, and then we can stretch breath and move on the yoga mat during the yoga session.


With Emma, Kundalini yoga teacher at YogaSpace Yorkshire

As a yoga teacher I love sharing breaths and short meditations, for aspects of the menopause that can prove tricky for some such as anxiety, overheating, sleeplessness and even the dreaded desire to over-eat.

Kundalini yoga teachers gather tools and tips from movement to food to eat and this is what I will share if you join me on our special Menopause awareness session as part of October 2021 Menopause awareness month.

Kimberley will serve the most delicious and nutritionally supportive brunch for us.
Please join us on Sunday 31st October 2021 from 10am to 1pm and let’s support each other sharing wisdom, laughter connection, and experience.