We re-open with TWO studios – new teachers and classes.

In this blog I tell you about our re-opening. In my next blog I will tell you about our new teachers.

At last, it’s time to open up YogaSpace Yorkshire on 10th August 2020 for indoor classes after we have been closed for 20 weeks. Stop here for a second and reflect. How long? 20 weeks? That’s half the gestation time for a human growing a baby.  Should we prepare ourselves for a lockdown baby boom detonating in our labour wards around December and January! But, you may also have grown a personal intention for how to live ‘post-lockdown’. Many of us say we have. Has lockdown allowed you to listen to your heart’s deepest longings?  Will yoga Tai Chi Pilates feature on your ‘new to-do’ list ? We can’t think of a better resolution to create and we will help you take any new journey. Welcome.

It’s exciting times for yoga studios across the UK. How many of you are suffering from Zoom fatigue? Or Zoom eye goggles? Many of us now need not only yoga as our ‘life-saver’ but now we need  ‘Specsavers’ after 4 months of living constantly on a computer, tablet or, phone.

We are grateful for the gift of Zoom, now ready to teach real people in the room.

Be ready for your return to Studio Practice. 

Assess self-health or travel/test/quarantine position before even considering to attend an indoor class.

If all clear with the above…

Turn up changed and ready for class. Bring your OWN mat and props, (hire from us if you forget on the day)

Wait in your car outside if you arrive too early. Enter building no earlier than 15 mins before class.

Stand in a space in the corridor- do not wait huddled in changing room.

Remove shoes near the door if asked to.

Next: please wash hands immediately with soap and water, use a paper towel to dry.

Don’t remove socks until you are sitting on your mat.

Use hand sanitizers at studio doors before entering.

Space your mat well away from another. Be kind and thoughtful.

Don’t cough or sneeze without using a tissue.

Don’t hang about inside after class, please leave promptly as another class may be arriving.


We will re-open with two studios. Studio Bhakti (devotion) and Studio Ananda (bliss)

New timetable,classes and teachers

We’ve been very busy during lockdown creating a second beautiful and functional studio space for your practice. The studio – Studio Ananda (Ananda = joy, bliss, happiness in Sanskrit) is on the west side of the house with its own separate loo and shoe area. Studio Ananda is slightly larger than our original studio – now called Studio Bhakti = devotion in Sanskrit). We think you will love the new Studio Ananda for your classes.

‘The soul of the world is born within each child’.

*NEW* Children’s yoga – classes divided into age ranges. 3-5, 6-10 years (other age ranges coming soon)

‘The soul of the world is born within each child’

Emma, YSY studio owner is a qualified RYT for teaching Children Yoga. Fun classes will begin mid-September and support the following age groups: 3-5 and 6-10years.
Emma trained with StarChild Yoga and the ethos of this training acknowledges the thoughts of the great minds of Jean Piaget and Maria Montessori who believed that ‘the child is the Father of Man’.

Children’s lessons will cultivate a caring and nurturing yogic environment – an education for peace through experiential class practices that help them reach their full potential. Classes will focus on building healthy bodies so that children become more aware of themselves and the world around them. There will be no striving for perfection.

Yoga for Cancer – free class 

There will be a 60/75 minute yoga for cancer class offered free of charge, to those undergoing treatment for cancer, living constantly with cancer, and post-treatment recovery – and with the option to bring a partner or friend as a support when you don’t feel able to attend alone. The class will be taken by Emma who is a qualified RYT for Yoga for Cancer and occasionally covered by Alexandra our Tai Chi and Pregnancy yoga teacher who will bring her gentle teaching qualities coupled with her physiotherapist’s wisdom.

Core Abdominals with Pranayama

Emma, the YSY owner will bring this new class to YSY which aims to build a strong group of core muscles for your body. Emma believes that the development of your strong core brings you more benefits than tight stomach muscles. A strong core supports your back, elevates your whole posture but also supports your mental health. It allows you to build your personal projection and will, set your intention and purpose for life. Your stomach area is your first brain. We will work hard on your core muscles then dive deep into the stillness of breathwork (pranayama) to end the practice before relaxation.

Step into the light, step back into your practice here from August 10th, 2020

Let’s begin our indoor practice with a sense of humour.  To honour humour I’m going to finish with some silliness. The world needs some fun.

So yes, I now mention the verb ‘cough’. Post-Covid, any accidental cough uttered in a yoga studio (sneezes are only one point lower on the scale) will send your fellow yogis into a spiral of fear. Coughs are possibly the new ‘shame’…have overtaken the dreaded giggles/eye stares one gets if one accidentally passes wind during a pose – crudely also called ‘letting off a fart’. Yes.. it does happen, peeps, it does, and likely when you are in your best downward dog, proudly pushing your hips to the sky, staring intensely at your navel, you are then at your most ‘emissions vulnerable.’ Toot toot.

Once I would write ‘ see you on the mat soon’ but now I say ‘see you on YOUR mat soon’.   Don’t forget to bring your mat to practice!