Chakras (the Sanskrit word for wheel of light) are spiritual energy centres in the human physical body, aligned along our spines up to the crown of our head. These need to be open to allow our energy to flow freely through them. So it is when our lifestyles block them, that we meet problems. Balanced functioning chakras are our key to not only our physical health, but also our emotional and mental stability, and our creativity.

These spinning chakra energy centres work on our subtle energy body. The subtle energy body is the light, or life force, a positive or negative one that can be sensed in everybody. Your bright or dull eyes, your body language, clarity of confusion of mind and what you say or do, are all your energy fields.

Your aura is the energetic envelope that sheathes the body of any living thing and is the encasement that enables our energy, our Prana to keep circulating. When you have a weakened aura you may become easily distressed as your energy seeps away just as a hole in the ozone layer allows harmful ultra violet rays into the atmosphere.

We can strengthen our aura through a healthy lifestyle; meditation and positive thinking we are starting the process to support our chakras. Strong balanced chakras – help us to live with vitality and awareness and balance.

The first chakra represents the earth element, the strength,the grit, the bullish part of you.

Our first chakra is our Root Chakra and connects us to the earth. It governs our basic survival instincts. It is located at the very base of the spine. It governs our elimination of waste and legs, bones and feet. It is about our sense of safety and security – hence the term ‘grounding or grounded’. We need to take care of it as it governs these most basic functions. We need sleep, being outside in nature and to eat regularly. Without a strong root chakra we lack self-esteem and we lose ourselves in the material modern world instead.

When this chakra is in balance, we are honouring ourselves, being self-sufficient, responsible and able to nurture self and others. If the root chakra is weak we are the victims: lacking energy empowerment and life force.

Watch out for times in your life when you felt or feel issues with your digestive system, bones and feet and challenges in your emotional life. Trouble letting go, trusting, lack of focus, feeling alienated from friends and family, not feeling worthy are all signs your root chakra needs some TLC. When we don’t meet our own basic needs, we may feel disconnected with others and excluded.
Our root chakra is associated with our feet, knees, hips, bones, arthritis, kidney stones, and autoimmune deficiency conditions. The root chakra is associated with our adrenal glands. We need to remove ourselves from constant hyper-vigilance of our adrenals so that our body can rest and recuperate and absorb the beneficial hormones like serotonin and dopamine instead.

When the energy of the first chakra is stimulated and distributed to the body you will find a newness in you.

Ancestral genetic imprints lie in the Root Chakra.

When people live exclusively in the root chakra, they are overly attached to land, houses, tradition home and family, clans or tribal roots. They do not find an individuality of purpose outside the context of these. They often cannot see that we are all one people and one planet. If we open the root chakra we can be an anchor for spirit and manifest unity rather than separation. .

We can heal our root chakra through yoga classes and specifically some yoga poses like Sufi grind, crow pose, chair pose, front stretches, and back this up by eating well, walking barefoot on grass, meditating or praying. The archetype of the root chakra is the mother (even if we are male we have the feminine within us) and if we can heal our roots and learn that we can do more than our parents did, we have more scope and possibilities for better lives going forward.

We can become our own ‘good mothers’ whether male or female, we can nourish ourselves and keep grounded, then we are learning to develop qualities that will help us adapt, make changes, live creatively for these testing times we live through right now. .

In the next blog we will discuss the 2nd Chakra.