In this blog, we focus on the Aquarian Age and its implications for the heart.

One of my spiritual teacher’s is Yogi Bhajan the guru master of Kundalini yoga. Through his teachings I have learned that the alignment or balance of the heart and the head, are tools to navigate the times we live in now. Many of you know how we are still in transition from a power-dominated ego-driven Piscean age, and moving into the awakened heart-centred Aquarian Age. When these are balanced, we are able to act with the wisdom of clear thinking that is harmonious for ourselves and yet be balanced by the compassion and love of our heart’s guidance.

The heart chakra is the 4th and the seat of our intuition in our forehead, is our 6th chakra. Our intuition – our 6th chakra, is our ‘inner tutor’, our guiding light. This is why connecting our inner tutor with our heart, is the transformational alchemy, the way to create our destiny.

You might be fascinated to know that a child’s fontanelle doesn’t ‘fully close’ until around 7 years old, and they remain connected to the ether and the intuitive wisdom that we naturally receive when born as spiritual beings having our human experience in this lifetime. Our natural wisdom dulls as we progress in age, unless we keep our intuition open and receiving. We can’t force the crown chakra to open; it flowers by itself helped by us staying grounded in our bodies, eating wholesome foods, engaging in a spiritual practice like yoga or prayer or faith practice, and ensuring toxins like chlorinated water don’t dull the pineal gland.

We transitioned from the Piscean Age, in 2012, (I myself really felt this shift in consciousness as patterns of needy loving and negative behaviour become redundant for my heart) into this Aquarian age. Now we are living during years that are focused about acting and loving from a heart-centred and women-centred perspective. Those old patterns of the Piscean age have broken up into chaos and are seen to no longer serve us.

Yes we may still be living through the grey years period before the Aquarian living becomes fully established, but our old Piscean habits are visibly redundant to many of us (big government control, male-centric beliefs, individualism instead of community living amongst many examples) and we are beginning to act with heart-centred love and consciousness, to honour mother the whole body of humanity as ‘one’.

In this time Piscean values are giving way to Aquarian values. The difference between the two is very simple. Piscean values work from the ego, creating boundaries. Aquarian values have no boundaries; they are Infinite. Aquarian consciousness takes you inside your soul, so that you can relate to the soul in all.

Yogi Bhajan

Your heart chakra can help and heal you. When we settle into the heart space, and live from its principles in alignment with our intuition (6th chakra, your inner tutor), we become a very powerful force for right action and change in the world and for ourselves.

Yogic living is often an enquiry into the heart and this chakra can close down as we mature from child to adult, but at around 28, it longs to expand with love and certain experiences begin to trigger this (we are also in our Saturn Return years at this age, but that’s another blog…) like forging a relationship, giving birth to a child, more choice to ‘self-love and care’. The heart is now ready to engage in mature love for self and for others. The pull of sex, money and power can pale around this time as the heart seeks its true flowering; joy, love and heart connection with others. Love experience, from the time we are born, is held in the heart forever and we can return to this whenever we feel wounded. If we did not receive love from a care-giver as a child, our growth process will be to learn to give it to ourselves so that our own hearts can be receptive to receive and give love to others. The heart seeks trust in love and learning to love someone else in fullness and fill a sacred vault in their heart, allows our own heart to be full.

What opens our heart-chakra?
We can support the ability to hold love in our hearts by accepting the oneness of all life, sharing love, knowing to love is to give, honouring the heart chakra as the energy centre that unites couples and brings emotional healing. Our heart chakra opens and thrives on healing touch, yoga, massage, walking, dancing, sound baths and singing, joyful endeavour, learning to love yourself, healing and prayer.

The Thymus gland – (said to be the gland of youth, nourishes the heart through yogic practice for it allows it to secrete hormones that nourish the heart and keep the lungs active. Cobra is a very heart-centred asana, as is Bow pose. The ultimate heart-opener) in fact the entire physical opener for the front of the body and the Vagus nerve, is Camel pose (even adapted Camel pose) where we are open and vulnerable and have no barriers between us and the universe. We are showing our hearts in Camel pose and Cobra, to the heavens.

The heart is also nourished by peace, silence, positive people, uplifting books, laughter and play. It is fed by our love for an animal(s) such a companion dog (DOG is a palindrome for GOD), children, the elderly and nature. But ultimately, seeking outside of ourselves to soothe with instant gratification, will only bring us back to the place where we began our search for soothing; within our heart.


The sound will carry you beyond your fears. The pressure (of the vibration of the gong) will release the nervous system of many illnesses… To regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system, nothing is more powerful than the sound of the gong.

Yogi Bhajan

Here are some affirmations to guide you through this wonderful heart-centred month of love which honours all love relationships and guides hearts to oneness and of course, self-love.

All love resides in my heart.
I am quiet and listen to my heart.
Love opens and heals me.
I am love, I am peace, I am light.
God’s love fills me and opens my heart to all goodness.
A joyful heart is my reason for living.

Happy February month of love and St Valentines.

February is also the month of the star sign Aquarius, and LGBT + History month, no surprises here. The patron saint is St Valentine. We celebrate 14th February in his honour.

If you wish use sound to activate your heart chakra this month (Feb 2020)there are two opportunities at YogaSpace Yorkshire.
A gong bath with Emma and a sound bath with Michael. See our events pages with more details of how to book.

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