The British Summer time is fabulous and nature’s hues are at their brightest and best.

Summer solstice marks the lightest day of the year. It is a time when the sun’s light overshadows the amount of darkness  in our day.  For eons , the summer solstice has been a time of year to be celebrated all over the world by many cultures, as a symbol of life and rejuvenation.

The Latin root of the word Solstice means Sol, the sun.  The ‘stice’ means sister, meaning  ‘to take a stand.’ For the 2019 summer solstice we offer you the invitation to take a stand and create real transformation and change in your life, when you join us at YogaSpace Yorkshire at Patrick Brompton Hall near Bedale, in Yorkshire. This year’s theme is fire and transformation. As the sun basks and bathes the earth with light, the focus of this retreat will be to cultivate the light source within you. The solar plexus within the human body is where we harness the power of the fire energy within. This power is what drives us towards accomplishing our deepest dreams, and the abundance of natural freely given light from the universe,  gives us the energy and determination to do so.

From the 20th through to the 23rd of June (note: you can join us on the 21st June if your schedule does not allow a 20th June arrival) we are hosting a very special retreat that promises to offer a great deal of rejuvenation, transformation and fun. London based Kundalini yoga teacher and retreat leader Ashley Jones is coming to Yorkshire to host her second solstice retreat with us and this one promises to be just as spectacular as the last.

Every 7 years consciousness changes. Every 11 years intelligence changes.

Every 18 years lifestyle changes. 

It is the rule of the sun”

Yogi Bhajan

What you can expect whilst on retreat here at YogaSpace Yorkshire at Patrick Brompton Hall

Using the powerful alchemical techniques that are inherent in Kundalini yoga alongside harnessing the power of the mind you will stoke this inner fire to create the transformations you wish to see in your life. There will be two yoga and meditation sessions daily with plenty of time to rest and explore all the grounds that Patrick Brompton Hall have to offer.  Restore renew and relax in our  swimming pool, Swedish hot tub and the abundance of gardens, grounds and nature that we are grateful to have to offer retreat guests.

The alchemy of FIRE is also on offer.

The retreat will also offer you the chance to confront what holds you back from realising your dreams by offering you the chance to overcome what perhaps you thought you never could. You will have the chance to learn how to walk through fire and not get burned. The mind is an amazing instrument for change and transformation when we learn to harness the power of it. Ashley will lead you in learning how to do this, and though this is on offer, should you decide not to fire-walk, you will be fully supported in your autonomy to decide this for yourself.

Dates and times:

Arrive by 8pm Thursday 20th June 2019


from 2pm Friday 21st June 2019

Depart: After 2pm Sunday 23rd June 2019.

Vegetarian meals and non-alcoholic teas included in the price.

Transfers to and from Patrick Brompton Hall are not included.

This is an opportunity for a 3-night retreat here, which we don’t always offer. Enquire by email if you wish to attend. or through our website enquiry form. Prices vary for your room choice (single or shared)