Are you completely new to yoga Pilates or Tai Chi or to YSY? If you can’t decide which practice is the one for you, please read this blog and find out what ‘speaks or draws’ your heart towards your arrival on the mat here.

There is a saying  “try something three times before you decide.” But – even if you try a practice 3 times (well done ) that doesn’t have to be your practice ‘forever’. You can try many of them – before you settle into one or two class styles/teachers that support you. We don’t ‘chain you ‘ to any teacher or class here at YSY.

Some students find further mind body spirit balance when they mix up mat practice styles. Many come to a variety of classes simply because they love us and they have the spare time!

We will look at yoga first

Hatha yoga 60 minutes

A general yoga practice of posture breath and some meditation. Hatha draws upon ancient traditions. Poses are demonstrated by the teacher and you are guided in detail with a focus on alignment and breath. This yoga does not flow fast and is a good starter yoga.

Vinyasa Flow and Jivamukti Yoga

This is a faster practice and flows between posture and breath in a continual rhythm. This flow is yoga ‘in action’ placing you in the body. Our Flow class descriptions help you decide which is right for you. Vinyas and flow yogas are strong practices – Jivamukti is the strongest of our flow yogas and is a ‘voice-led’  only. If you have limited knowledge of postures you will not receive demonstrations.

Vinyasa yogas like plain Vinyasa and Jivamukti follow set postures and you move seamlessly through, with no rests. Jivamukti has some ‘call and response’ chanting and the teacher may read some Eastern texts. Great emphasis is placed on ‘right actions or intentions’ whilst you do your postures.

Kundalini yoga with gong relaxation   75 minutes

This yoga helps builds a strong nervous system and your mental and physical powers when practiced regularly.Kundalini yoga is a technology yoga, We harness techniques like breath, mantra, meditation, posture, and movement into a powerful toolkit to help manage our hectic lives today. This yoga totally ‘lands you in your body’ and allows you some respite from your mind.

This yoga allows personal transformation through your inward focus, an awareness of what is within you. Kundalini postures are the same as some yoga styles, but some are quite different. The teacher demonstrates the posture/actions and then supervises but there is no emphasis on ‘you must do’ and students take moments on the mat after postures.  to absorb the benefits in the body, allow the hormones to alter. The short rests allow the body to absorb beneficial hormones. It is therefore also a good starter yoga.

There are 8000 health and lifestyle kundalini series a teacher can choose from to create hormonal flow, glandular health, strong bodies, and strengthen your nervous systems. There is always pranayama(breath) and sometimes a meditative group chant. Kundalini yoga is our only yoga to offer a deep gong bath relaxation at the end to reset you on a cellular level. In winter, candles are often the only light we use for a class, incense is always lit, to create a sacred space for this spiritual yoga. Kundalini yoga is the only yoga to have a gong bath relaxation after postures.

Kundalini yoga classes teach techniques to manage anxiety, can help those struggling with addictions, and is also beneficial for those enduring a difficult menopause

We make Kundalini Yoga available to all except those who are pregnant.

❤️Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.❤️


Yin Yoga. Ready to yoga at YogaSpace Yorkshire

This yoga is very gentle and concerned with fascia release to relieve body tension. Postures are set up in detail by the teacher with the help of props and held for up to five minutes. YSY is the perfect studio to support this deeply nourishing practice, the space becomes very still and peaceful. If you want to do yoga with gentle energy only – this is a good yoga for you.

Pre and Post Natal yoga 60 minutes

These are very special classes at YSY – they support the immediate stages surrounding a baby’s arrival and are vital to the development of your own body, balancing hormonal flow so that pre-birth your body has been nurtured with techniques to help baby flourish in the womb. Breath and postures are taught to help you cope with birth. Post-natal yoga gently supports you back to your body after the physicality of birth and you may bring your baby. A studio is a peaceful place for these gentle Yoga.

 Yoga Nidra. 60 minutes

This is yogic rest for the body and a powerful non-active yoga for personal development for your whole being. At YSY our yoga Nidra works with your subconscious mind to help you create and set personal intentions whilst nourishing your mind body and spirit with the cellular sound healing waves of the YSY gong. There are no active postures and you use props to lie in a Savasana restorative pose for the whole class time so that you can fully receive this beautiful meditative practice.

Gong yoga (Naad yoga the yoga is sound).

This yoga is non-postural and is all about rhythmic pure gong sound waves that create meditations that the human brain cannot analyse and therefore has to ‘submit you. The gong takes you out of your thinking left brain and move you into your creative right brain.

Tai Chi. 60 minutes

This Eastern practice is a life-enhancing and balancing practice that is done mostly standing until the final 15-minute relaxation. It is a very gentle practice suitable for those in their mature years and has a loyal following. Later life age-related conditions such as balance and stability are helped by this subtle but powerful practice. Benefits show after a few lessons.

Pilates. 60 minutes

This mat practice is the perfect practice for you if you are working on defining and developing pure muscle tone, which can decrease as we age. Muscles can elongate to add grace to your strength and this energetic practice suits those who want to arrive, move and leave ‘lighter’. The teacher demonstrates and adapts to all levels.

“Yoga is not about self-improvement. It’s about self-acceptance.” 

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Yoga for Cancer – 60 minutes – Free Class

This class is suitable for those at any stage of cancer treatment, their family, or friends who wish to come and support. The teacher must be told about the treatment before the start of any class so that they can teach ‘in context’ for each student on the day.

The class is gentle whilst aiming to build your strength – so that you can be strong for your challenges. There is a gong relaxation to aid you on a cellular level. The session aims to help you leave feeling relaxed and uplifted after practice in a safe place where you can ‘let go’ for 60 minutes from your current situation. However you turn up emotionally on the day, are welcome. All are welcome.

Meditation/Pranayama Hour – 60 minutes (scheduled to start Autumn 2020)

This class is suitable for all who wish to learn breath and meditation techniques to find stillness and peace. Very suitable for stress management. Meditations may be sitting or lying, and chairs can be used.

 Locals Community Wellbeing Class 60 minutes – complemented by Gong/Nidra/Sound classes. (starts soon.)

A general class offered in different practices held here at YSY. Sessions will be taught by varying YSY teachers so that you can enjoy a variety of practice styles. The class brief to our teachers is to offer a practice that the ‘many’ not the ‘few’ can enjoy. Chairs may be used.

Finally – we can be affected in the day you arrive on the YSY by our mood, energy levels, work stress, hormones or hunger. Even our personal relationship with ourselves and others. So please do try a class 2-3 times before you delegate it to the bin forever. It’s like reading a novel; they say one should read 50 pages before donating it to the local charity shop.

We look forward to welcoming you here to a mat practice that may start the dance of joy in your hearts and the gift of bliss for your body mind and spirit.